A short 3 Days Itinerary in Berlin (Day 1) There's Primark in Berlin too!

3 Days in Berlin: Day 1

After our experience drive to Germany, we kinda like Germany for their technologies, culture and experience. And this time round, we have another couple to travel with us!

The airfare from France to Berlin we gotten is €260 for 2 Person by AirFrance.

You can check out Skyscanner to get good rates.

Parking at Charles De Gaulle Airport

05:00 Time
  • Check out the Website - Here

This is our first time experience a weekend parking in France. The price is so affordable that we definitely will park here the next time. Thanks David for introducing this parking to us!

Transport: Berlin Welcome Card

09:30 Time
  • Covers all public transport in Berlin (Txl, U Bahn, S Bahn, Bus, Tram)
  • Discounts to some attractions including DDR Museum and Berlin DOM

After we arrived at Berlin Tegel Airport, the first thing is to get this welcome card. Initially we thought it will be a Card-like thing to exchange with our voucher. Then we got to know that, with this Voucher we can use it as a pass whenever we travel. The counter only provides us a guide book.

Stay: Airbnb

11:00 Time
  • Located near centre of Berlin - Book here
  • 3 mins walk to Bus stop
  • 8 Mins walk to the nearest Underground
  • 20 mins to get to Berlin Central Station

Similar to the website

Click here to get €30 Off your First Airbnb Stay!

Ah Bee & Bee 
Berlin Tourist

See: Berlin War Memorial

12:00 Time

Our first itinerary is going to the Berlin War Memorial. Initially we thought is like some area for memorial and probably will be done in 30 mins. Then we realise there is so much history in the Berlin Wall. The stretch of road, started off with the a 20mins Video on Berlin Wall and opposite it you get to see some remaining. 

Inside the visitor Centre

Further down the stretch, there is a higher viewing gallery that let you see ​a portion of the Berlin Wall from the East Berlin to the West Berlin.

The stairs up the viewing gallery on the right

And Berlin Wall is like a recent ​event in Europe, the Fall of the Berlin Wall happens in 1989. 

Panorama view from the Gallery

Posing Shot - This is only the morning where it's not so cold yet.

Eat: Smart Deli

14:00 Time

And it's like 2pm, we feared that the restaurants will be closed any time, so we decided to hop to a nearest restaurant we can find.

Smart Deli is in fact a Japanese Cuisine Gem! Everything we order was very delicious! And in fact, we went back for Dinner the next day!

We ordered A Teriyaki Salmon Set, 2x Teriyaki Chicken ​and a Sliced Pork Set. Everything was so delicious.

David and I initially don't fancy Green Tea ice cream. But the flavours from Smart Deli was superb, that we actually ate quite a fair bit of it.

This Japanese Cuisine is so far the most delicious we have eaten in Europe!
Everything is so nice!

Ji Poon 
Berlin Tourist

See: Check Point Charlie

16:00 Time

Checkpoint Charlie (or "Checkpoint C") was the name given by the Western Allies to the best-known Berlin Wall crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War (1947-1991).

We thought will be something spectacular. But turns out to be just a Sentry point with some decorations. Of course, in the history this is one of the significant points holding the US and Russia. But well, destination checked! 

Eat: Currywurst

Currywurst is a fast food dish of German origin consisting of steamed, then fried pork sausage (German: Bratwurst) typically cut into slices and seasoned with curry ketchup, a sauce based on spiced ketchup or tomato paste, itself topped with curry powder, or a ready-made ketchup seasoned with curry and other spices. The dish is often served with french fries.

The fries taste so good!

In Germany, you gotta try the Currywurst. It seems like one of their local delicacy. However, the Currywurst in Berlin taste different from the ones we had in Cologne. But nonetheless, I brought along my favourite Lingham Chilli Sauce to go with the Fries!

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See: Christmas Market @ Alexanderplatz

17:00 Time

Enter your text here...

There are actually a few Christmas Market in Berlin. This is actually one of them that we passed by. It is like Pasar Malam (Night Market) but of course the weather is different.


The whole of Alexanderplatz turns into a massive Christmas market with many small wooden huts during the festive season. Under the shadow of the TV Tower, potters, blacksmiths and glassblowers display their work and Christmas treats, crafts and many more gift ideas are on offer.The centrepiece of the market is Europe's largest Christmas pyramid with more than 5,000 lights that add a festive glow to the seasonal bustle on Alexanderplatz.

Visitors can enjoy a mulled wine and hearty Christmas meals on the ground floor of the pyramid, while the first floor offers a spacious panoramic view of the market and a brass band holds forth on the second floor. The classic top of the pyramid is decorated with carved figures, tirelessly making their rounds.

From 11/21/2016 to 12/26/2016

And again, we bought the Currywurst to try and see if it's similar to the one we had in Cologne. However, I think the Currywurst in Berlin probably taste the same throughout. 

The purpose of coming here is actually to go to Primark to get a Snow Cap as our ears are freezing!

Shop: Primark

17:30 Time
  • Our Favourite Clothing Store in Europe!
  • Primark at Alexanderplatz
  • Prices are cheaper than Uniqlo especially Winter Wear
  • Check out their website

The temperature is like 0 Degrees. And we were not prepared for such weather. Thus we have to go and purchase some more stuffs and Primark is certainly the place to purchase. Gloves are as cheap as €1.50 !

I got a knitted scarf, Snow Cap and Socks bundle for less than €15 ! Cheap uh!

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Primark, the Super Good Deal Store in Europe. Definitely cheaper than Uniqlo!

P Mah 

See: Christmas Market @ Potsdamer Platz

18:30 Time


From 21 November – 26 December, the Christmas market on nearby Alte Potsdamer Straße expands the Winterwelt party with lovingly decorated stalls selling crafts, leather and textile products and other gift ideas. The crafts market hosts potters, woodcarvers, basket makers and bakers who invite you to look over their shoulders as they work.

Another Christmas market we passed by while heading to Berliner Philharmoniker to catch a musical Orchestra.

We came across Potsdamer Christmas Market, and there was this very big slide. We were contemplating if we should take the slide.

Aiya, heck la! Just take lah.

Huge ice slide!

[fb_plugin video href=https://www.facebook.com/ourtravelvoila/videos/582728005269507/]

It's a good fun actually.

See: Berliner Philharmonie

20:00 Time


The Berlin Philharmonic (German: Berliner Philharmoniker), is an orchestra based in Berlin, Germany and is consistently ranked as one of the best orchestras in the world.

Formerly Berliner Philharmonisches Orchester; BPO, its primary concert venue is the Philharmonie, located in the Kulturforum area of the city. Since 2002, its principal conductor has been Sir Simon Rattle. Funding for the organization is subsidized by the city of Berlin and a partnership with Deutsche Bank.

Inside the Hall

Yanfang booked an Orchestra in Berlin as mentioned was one of the very best in the world. Since Orchestra has no language I would think is a good experience to have in Berlin. .

It's quite packed actually

But of course, before we booked the tickets we are prepared to doze off in the Concert Hall. We been awake since 3am and the concert starts at 8pm.

Having no naps in between, true enough. I dozed off as many times as the conductor comes in and out. Certainly a new experience as this is our first time in seeing an Orchestra.


23:00 Time

Because we feared that we may feel hungry along the way back, we popped by Macdonalds to purchase some chicken wings and 20pc Nuggets to end our night.

They even have curly fries! 

Click here for Day 2 Of our Berlin Trip.

Berlin Tourist

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I like the whole layout of your post and so concisely informative . Berlin has such lovely Christmas markets .

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    Thank you! Yes, Berlin Christmas market have alot of varieties of stuffs and beautiful too.

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Berlin is a cool city- I’ve been twice. Most recently this summer and had an amazing vegetarian dish my favourite throughout all of Europe and so cheap too!

    Donovan - November 8, 2017

    Oh yes, their food is amazing and affordable too.

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