A Trip to Château de Versailles

A Trip to Château de Versailles Driving in Paris is really crazy!

We have a Visitor! Brother in Law visited us today and prior to that we will planning some trip out of Paris. Initially was Mont St Michel, however we decided to go for Château de Versailles as it is nearer to Paris though. 

Mont St Michel is 4 Hrs away from Paris though.​

Lunch @ Fich

We had our lunch at Fich. Easy food so that we can proceed to our destination later on. The Calamari taste good. And the utensils are really unique.

But the Sweet Potato Fries were somehow disappointing. €10 for a set excluding drinks.

Lunch at Fich #calamariisgood #sweetpotatofriesnogood

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This FICH Buay Jiak lah. Got LIM BEI 2 Star already very Good.

CHI Dong Xi 
FICH Customer

Driving to Versailles

Driving in Paris is really not easy. ​ We have to go through the Round About, exiting like the 7th one. Can you imagine how many exits they have in that round about?

ARc De Triomphe has 12 exits!​

Heng ah! We kinda survived the drive in Paris to Versailles. The distance is probably like 30km but took us more than 40 mins. With alittle of Holland here and there.​


Wah Lau, if you think driving in Little India or Geylang is jialats, where till you drive here. GAOLAT!

KAI Kuai Che 
P Plate Driver

And so we finally reached Versaille and we spent like 20mins finding the nearest parking. You can park at this place [Click] , which cost almost the same as the public parking outside, but ample parking ​space. But you feel rich, you can park just outside Versaille which cost more.

Parking Charges outside Versaille - If you don't feel like walking too far.

​Château de Versailles

​The Palace of Versailles, Château de Versailles, or simply Versailles is a royal château in Versailles in the Île-de-France region of France.

This Palace is sibei the Big! If you have gone here, you probably won't feel like visiting the rest of Chateau in France. It takes us around 2 hours to complete the Royal Buildings only. It will probably take at least 2 days if you want to complete the full tour. There are 3 Parts to Château de Versailles.

The Palace

As we reach there around 5pm, there wasn't a big crowd. There are more people leaving than entering the Palace. Zero Queue at the Ticket Machines as well. Ticket cost €15.

Floor Area of Palace: 67000 m² (​9 Old Trafford Soccer field!)

You can buy your tickets at the self service kisok.

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The Garden

The garden is damn big!  You need to pay to visit the garden and there is a musical fountain there. It cost €9 for the musical fountain and gives you free entry to the garden. However, it's free entry to the garden after 6.30pm. You may want to save the €9 and wait till  6.30pm.

Area of Garden: 8,000,000 m²​ - 1,120 Soccer Fields!

Garden View | Pix: travelchannel.com

We were still joking on how the gardener survive maintaining the garden. It's crazily big! 

The sibei big garden in Versaille #thegardenerverypaitan #everydaycleanwillkisiao

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Garden of Versailles

​Trianon Palaces and Marie-Antoinette's Estate

We didn't have a chance to visit this area as by the time we roam around the garden, it's already 7pm plus. But you can do so if you want to explore the whole Palace. Let us know your reviews too! Maybe we will make a trip back again.


This Chateau really sibei BIG! Must come!

PI Sai 
Swaku Chateau Vistor

Dinner at the Area of Versailles

After our visit to Versailles, it is dinner time! So using TripAdvisor, we tried to navigate their top restaurants around the area. We wanted to try La Table du 11 and Le 17.37, but unfortunately they were fully booked! Feeling hungry, we decided to explore some other restaurants we can find, but they were fully booked as well.

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Finally, we chanced upon ​Le carre aux Crepes, which was also fully booked. However, we asked if the outside seats were available. Heng ah, got ask. The seats are available! And so, we order our meal full of Crepes and the dessert also ice cream crepe. We will definitely recommend this place for Crepes. It definitely taste good! If you want indoor seating, please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Awesome crepe! Please reserve in advance!

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This Crepe gooood sia! Everything also nice!

CHI Ke Li 
Crepe Lover

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