Christmas Market, Sens France

Christmas Market in Sens, France If you have visited this Christmas Market, you would have visited those in Paris

Christmas Market is indeed a popular thing in France. It is like Pasar Malam in Singapore (Although it's getting lesser). Here in Sens, we have also a Christmas Market

Pasar Malam in Singapore | pic: Todayonline

The Christmas Market in Paris, has like 200 Stalls for Champs-Élysées, and 350 for the one at La Défense.  ​

But well, if you have been to a smaller one like in Sens. You would have gone to the one in Paris. Just on a smaller scale. As for the food snacks, I supposed the one in Berlin, Germany will have more varieties.

So far, we came across common food snacks like

  • Crepes
  • Waffles (We love this!)
  • Churros

Check out our Christmas Market in Sens, France.

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