What to Wear for Winter Travel.

What to Wear for Winter Travel (Part 2) – And where to get cheap Heat Packs Jeans, Boots, Socks, Gloves..

Following our previous post on what to wear for Winter Travel, here's part 2 of What to Wear during Your Winter Travel.

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Bottom Wear

Tights or Leggings 

Similar to the Top innerwear, a cosy innerwear makes a difference. I cannot take the cold at​ 0°C by wearing Jeans only. I have to put on the tights if not my legs will be shaking. It's like wearing those compression tights you see in running events.

Refer to Uniqlo Heat Tech in Part 1 for ​their Heat Tech Wear.



0°C to 10°C

Optional Tights

-10°C to 0°C

Thermal Tights are advised

Below -10°C

Heat Tech Ultra Warm Tights Will be Good.

Thighs - Uniqlo

Jeans / Pants

Jeans or Pants certainly looks good depending on what kind of occasion. However, some jeans materials are quite thin and you maybe feeling cold at close to 5°C​. The key is actually the thermal thighs. And of course, insulated pants will definitely keep you warm than wearing jeans.


Do not underestimate the warmth of socks. They are the like gloves to your hands, even though you are wearing shoes. A thermal socks will give you the extra warmth to your feets.

Thermals socks from Amazon

Thermals socks from Qoo10

Shoes / Boots

If you are going for snow hiking, it is better than you wear boots that is suitable for snow. Just imagine you wear normal shoes on an Ice Skating Rink.

For Ladies, you can also get High Cut Boots, but if you often travel to Winter Countries, you can get a good quality high cut boots. If not, after 1 year of not wearing it, somehow the boots may start falling apart.


You have your jackets, tights, beanies ready. But without gloves in Winter, it's like missing Condense Milk in your Milo Peng. A good pair of glove will make or break your Winter Holiday. 

This is for Durian, not suitable for Cold Temperature

I actually bought a cheap pair of Gloves during my trip to Berlin, but it doesn't seem to have any warming effect and in the end, I had to get a better quality gloves.

So how can you test out if that gloves can provide you better warmth?

I actually "test out" by wearing them while shopping for other stuffs in the department store. The one that provide better warmth, I purchased it.

And shopping for gloves is always dexterity against the cold resistance. Usually better insulated gloves can protect better but they restrict some of your fingers movement.

Magic Glove with Touchscreen Technology - Amazon

Actually it's advisable to get gloves that have touch screen capability. Imagine, in the cold, you have to take out your gloves to navigate or check out some stuffs. COLD DIE!

Heat Packs

Okay, for first time traveler to winter countries. This is a good to have. And they don't sell this at Europe. It's probably in Asia like Japan then they have Heat packs.

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Each heat pack usually last 6-9 hours. Enough for a day's of warm. Put 1 or 2 in your sweater's pocket and get some warm from there.

Hand Warmer - Qoo10

Hand Warmer - Amazon

Alternatively, you can try out this Zippo Warmer. Acts like a Heat Pack, but it is refillable and reusable.

Heat Pack at a very affordable Price from Qoo10. Sometimes you can get it cheaper compared to Winter Expo Sales.

Heat Pack at low price! - Qoo10

Winter Travel Packing List

Download your Winter Packing List

Get a printable guide for your Winter Travel

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