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1 Day in Verona

1 Day Itinerary in Verona | 5 Days Road Trip – France to Italy Series Day Trip from Milan and Venice


Verona is around 75 mins drive from Venice. We are actually considering between visiting Verona or Padua. And Verona is often an option for Day trip from Milan or Venice.

Ultimately, we settled for Verona because we will be spending a day there as our Airbnb owner text us that she will receiving us late. So why not spend more time at Verona and there is much more to explore.

This is one part of our 5 Days Italy Road Trip Series.

5 Days Italy Road Trip: Day 3

Drive: Verona

120 km Distance
80 Mins On the Road
7.90 Toll Fee

Initially, we wanted to stopover at the breakfast place we had yesterday but we were unsure if the area is a Car Restriction Zone. While on the way over, we saw a sign.

Not really clear on the sign, we made a U turn and head for Verona instead for breakfast.

Later did we know that this is a Car Restriction Zone sign, but trucks are the restricted vehicles, not cars. 

CarPark: Verona

7 Hrs Duration
17 Parking Fee

Initially we planned to park at Parcheggio Multipiano Cittadella, but we have difficulty finding the carpark. And just a street away, we would have drove into the Car Restriction Zone of Verona. So we ended up parking at Parcheggio Arena which is also near to the city centre.

Buy: Verona Card

In Verona, it is recommended that you buy the Verona Card. They have it in 24 hours and 48 hours and can be purchased at the Tourist Information Center.

  • € 18.00 for 24 hours
  • € 22.00 for 48 hours

See: Arena Di Verona

It is an awesome, spectacular place to visit! It is like the grandfather of Colosseum. This famous Roman amphitheater has to be on list to visit in Verona.

See: Casa di Giulietta

One of the reasons for us to visit Casa Di Giulietta (House of Juliet) is because since young we have been exposed to shakespeare's love story - Romeo and Juliet. So this is one of the things we know and since we are near, why not visit.

The centre of Verona is very busy even leading to the Casa Di Giulietta. It was crowded at the entrance, crowded below the balcony, and crowded around the statue.

BUT! It is not crowded in the museum. Because you have to pay €6 to enter. It is free for Verona card.

Paid €5 For that Lock~

See: Piazza delle Erbe

This is the #1 Tripadvisor recommended place to visit. There is quite a crowd at the street market, but because it is quite sunny and hot, so we just pass by the street market, making our way to the Chiesa di Sant'Anastasia

See: Chiesa di Sant'Anastasia

I would this is the first time we stayed so long at a Church. Because they provided a audio guide and we listened to all their chapters. 

READ:  The Guide to Mont Saint Michel

Free to enter with Verona Card. If not you will need to pay €2.50. Still it is reasonable to pay to enter as it comes with audio guide.

See: Ponte Pietra

Somehow, we decided to skip Verona's Cathedral (Duomo) and Piazzale Castel San Pietro because we are abit tired from the walking.

But we are still able to see Piazzale Castel San Pietro from afar.

Bus: To Castelvecchio

With the Verona Card, our transportation is covered. So taking bus 31/32/33 will get us to the doorstep of Castelvecchio Museum. While we rest our legs on the bus, checking out the town scenery.

See: Castelvecchio Museum / Bridge

This our last itinerary for the day. But this is the best attractions we have visited. It is the first military castle with a moat and those brick walls like what we see in "三国演义“ movies. 

Eat: Bigoli Amo

We had our quick bite at Bigoli Amo. I guess more and more fast food pasta are sprouting in Italy. I will say it is a good idea for quick bites and sometimes they taste better than those in restaurant.

For €6, it is good value.

And at this place, there is mobile charging cable free to use. Recharge your legs, and recharge your handphone. Why not?​


This is a nice 1 Day Trip to Verona. Certainly you will not be able to finish Verona with 1 Day. But just visit the main attractions will do.
Best of all, worthwhile to get the Verona Card. 

Typical Tourist 
Verona Visitor

Go: Sirmione

42 km Distance
45 Mins On the Road
2.10 Toll Fee

In the morning, the Milan Airbnb owner text us that she will only be home after 11pm. Initially we planned to arrive at 9pm. So with 2 hours to spare, we slotted in Sirmione along the way.

This is a place where the Italians will chill out, overseeing Lake Garda. We are almost late for the sunset and can only view the sunset while driving. Definitely a good place to chill out if we had more time.​

This is one part of our 5 Days Italy Road Trip Series.

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