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11 Steps for Relocating Moving to France

10 Steps for Relocating to France How to relocate to France with ease

We are more or less settled down in France. It has been 1 Month here and life is great! It  took us 2-3 months for preparation and research. In this post, I will pen down, steps to our relocation process and advice to some whom are searching for information online.

We too, tried to gather most of the information online but there are alot of bits and pieces here and there. I will be expanding the steps into further details as the time goes by. Hope these information will help you alot !


1. Pre-Confirmation Fact Find Trip

If you manage to get a Pre-confirmation fact find trip, there are things to note over there which you may or may not find over the internet. Mostly, is cost of living. Actual versus what is on the internet.

2. Confirming your residence

From Asia, especially Singapore. We lived in HDB flats. We always envy those living in landed. Similarly, 2 choices you can have in France. Apartment or House.

3. Job Confirmation

When you confirm, do enquire more on the medical, insurance coverage, as well as your tax contribution. Annual leaves, bonus follows which country.

4. Visa application process

The most most most important process. Without a visa, you can’t work or live in France. This will be the most critical process in your entire steps.

5. Preparation and Planning

Planning for relocation, you will need to prepare and plan for your current housing at home, your car.

6. Pets Relocation

Our Furkids arriving in Paris airport

Our Furkids arriving in Paris airport

If you have pets, your furkids will be the most headache if you were to relocate them. Imagine there is no one to take care of them at your home country. They will be neglected. So it is always good to bring them along if possible. We brought along 2 of our furkids. This ain’t easy, there is a lot of procedures till the last day!

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8. Movers (Sea Shipment or Air Freight)

There is difference between seashipment and airfreight

7. Packing Your Luggage 

Here is where you need to pack what you need to ship there and what you need to carry. To ensure, what you need within 1-2 weeks before your shipment arrives.

8. Flight Day

Finally, your flight day! The day where you have been preparing for.

9. Shipment Arrival

Next it is waiting for your shipment arrival. It may take 1-3 weeks depending on your mode of transporting and your preparation time you done when in home country.

10. Settling in & Voila!

Before your arrival, coordinate with the person picking you up from airport. And also at the town you are going. This will ease your frustration when you touch down. Then, you will be driven to your host House that is where you start to unpack. Settle down the pets. Arrange for your bank account (It has been 6 weeks, our bank account is still not ready). Apply for your phone and internet.

relocating to france

Relocating to france

More or less, everything you plan for will come into place. This is where you start settling in, living like a local.


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