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Things You Didnt Know About Netherlands

11 Things You Didn’t Know About Netherlands (Guess what is their income tax % ?)

We got interested in Netherlands and did some googling. Found out these interesting facts and Things about Netherlands. At 17 Million population, they are one of the most densely populated country in Europe.

Holland VS Netherlands

Holland is part of Netherlands.

  • South Holland includes like Rotterdam and The Hague
  • North Holland includes Amsterdam

It is like United Kingdom vs England.

Income Tax

Netherland income starts at the first dollar. And highest tier is at 52% with income more than €66k. With the same income, Singapore tax bracket is at 15%.

But that is not the highest for Netherlands. The highest tax bracket they had was 72%

Bicycle - Main Transport

Cycling is a common mode of transport in Netherlands, at 36%. Where cars are 45%. And priorities are given to cyclist in most road networks. No wonder, Ang Mo Cyclist in Singapore so Dua Kee.

Roundabouts in Netherlands

Yes, in roundabouts too. Trams have the #1 priority, followed by Cyclist and pedestrians. Motor traffic is the least priority. Drivers also pay road tax in Netherlands, where cyclist do not. So stop complaining about cyclist not paying road tax in Singapore.

Below Sea level

More than a quarter of Netherlands is below sea level. In fact, the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol are 4m below sea level.


Windmills are the icon of Holland. There were once 10,000 operating windmills and now dwindled to 1,200 due to alternatives power technologies. You still can visit them at Zaanse Schans and Kinderdijk.

Why is there a “Dam” word?

For places like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Madurodam and many more. These places are surrounded by Dams, hence the word Dam. View this video on how they challenge Mother nature to fight water issues.

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Holland Coffeeshops and Weed

Their coffeeshops are different from our Kopitiam. These are the legal places that sell weed. Yes, it is legal in purchase weed in Netherlands. Read here to find out more.

World Tallest Men

The average Dutchman is 183cm (6ft) tall according to eLife. Wonder what they eat to grow so tall.

English Proficiency

Netherlands top the chart in English Proficiency with Singapore at #6. 90%-93% of dutch can converse in English. We love Netherlands !

Milkmaid Condensed Milk

Unknowingly, we grew up in dutch culture. Could it be because they are the tallest in the World, thus milk maid or dutch lady brandings are used?

Ah Don

A very curious question.
Where does the word "Ki Holland", "Hollanded Liao" comes from when you lost our way?

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