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15 things to expect in your Job Relocation Package

15 things to expect in your Job Relocation Package Remember to Tekan your HR


Relocating is not an easy thing even if it’s the career objective you are after.

You have to make arrangements for your house, cars, pets, family, change in culture etc.

But, there is a fair portion of job seekers that will relocate for better advancement and exposure. So, before you pen your signature down on the agreement. There is a list of things that the employer can include in the package to make your relocation less inconvenient.

1. Quality of Living / Hardship Allowance:
These allowance are to compensate the difference in quality or cost of living in your home country and host location.

2. Relocation Allowance:
An allowance to defray your cost of relocating, including purchasing new furniture, registration for internet services, pet services, setup fees etc.

3. Commuting Transport / Vehicle:
The availability of vehicle for you. Please do check if it is manual or auto transmission. In Europe countries, most of the cars are manual. Many will prefer a Auto transmission car if there is an option. But do check with your HR. Do not assume an Auto transmission car will be available.

4. Childcare assistance:
A list of day care providers and possible reimbursement for special situations.

5. Language / Cultural training:
If you are relocating to a country which their language is different from your home country. Check if there is language and culture training available, for you and your spouse.

6. Household Relocation:
You will be entitled to certain volume size of the items you can bring over to your host location and also, Air Freight or Sea Shipment. Air freight allows faster turnaround time (1-2 weeks) to reach but smaller in size and sea shipment has huge amount of space, but takes like 4-6 weeks. Please do allow buffer as most of the times the logistics will have issues. Pack your essentials in your personal luggage. Always be prepared for the worse case scenario -ie: 6 weeks via Sea, 2 weeks via Air. (Don’t ship your daily essentials!)

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7. Pets Relocation Allowance:
If you have pets and no one to help you take care. Check if there is this allowance available, definitely the furkids will love to live with you

8. Pre-Assignment Trip:
A pre assignment trip to your future host location (including paid airfare, hotel, rental car, and meals ) so that you can source for the house, schools, etc that are suitable for your family.

9. Spouse Support:
Many companies offer employment assistance for an accompanying spouse or partner. If there isn’t one in the policy, check with the HR. Because will family support, your relocation will be smoother and lesser financial issues.

10. Home Country Storage:
If you will not be bringing items from your home country and you have no where to store them. This is one support you can turn to.

11. Temporary Apartment:
This is in the event your host location apartment is not ready. Check if there is an apartment or temporary house to stay in. You wouldn’t want to casually stay in a place for years.

12. Airport Transfer:
Transporting you to your host location, right to the door step. If you have a lot of things, do request for a bigger vehicle.

13. Annual Paid Airfare:
Usually there will be 1x of paid airfare back to your home country per year.

14. Medical / Insurance Coverage:
The most important item you will need to check. Having medical and insurance coverage will ease your worry in the event things happen.

15. Remuneration Package
Usually HR will have a standard calculation for relocation. However, if the package is not attractive. You should negotiate with the HR to have a better package.

These are the list to check with your HR which may or may not be included in your package.

And also here are other questions you may want to ask your HR.

  • What is the timeline for moving and shifting?
  • Is there any reimbursement (winter clothing, petrol allowances) or lump sum allowance?
  • How is the culture, office environment like?
  • What do you need to provide for visa application?
  • Will there be a coordinator in host location?
  • What is the population of the city and other statistics?
  • What is the cost of living like? (Check this post out)


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