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5 Best Salivating Macarons in Paris

5 Best Salivating Macarons You Must Try in Paris

Go Paris, first you must see Eiffel Tower. Second of course is eat Macarons lah!  Here we have the best salivating macarons in Paris. Been sure to try them!

So what is Macarons?

Macarons is 2 crispy cookie like shell kiap some buttercream or jam flavours. It is super duper sweet and more expensive than Oreo cookie. Usually a good Macaron is selling for €2.

One bite gone. €2 Fly~

How it taste like?

The cookie crust should be thin and crispy. When you bite the Macarons, it should be effortless like eating candy floss. Then gradually you will taste the filling of the Macarons, on your second chew.

Something like eating the Chinese New Year Goodies - Crispy Egg Roll. But with a thin thin crust.

Where to find the Best Macarons in Paris?

In Paris, there are many many stores selling Macarons, so where is the best place to have?

The Must Have: Pierre Hermé (everywhere in Paris)

Pierre Hermé is like the The King of Modern Patisserie in Paris. And of course, the price that goes with his fame.


The Japanese Style: Sadaharu Aoki

Master Sadaharu Aoki, known for using traditional Japanese ingredients and flavors in French-style pastries. Some special flavours include Japanese plum, black sesame, wasabi.


The Double Decker: Ladurée 

It is one of the world's best premier sellers of the double-decker macaron, 15000 are sold every day. Prepare just to do a little queue and impose yourself physically.


Most pastry: Gerard Mulot 

A Parisian pastry that needs no introduction as well. Take some time to appreciate the window display before coming in.

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The Chocolate Macaron: Jean Paul Hevin

He is the king of chocolate, and mixed into Macarons, what will the taste be like? It is for you to find out.


What Say You?

See already got drool anot?

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