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5 Best Things to Do in Manchester

5 Best Things to Do in Manchester

Having to research on Manchester, we realised that not many Manchester travel bloggers cover things to do in Manchester. Probably there are not many things to do there except for visiting Old Trafford for football fans. 

If you are thinking of visiting Manchester for a day or 2, yet you have no idea what to do in Manchester - Read on! We cover the 5 best things to do in Manchester for you - Of course, we include visiting Old Trafford stadium too.

Considered by many as the capital of Northern England, Manchester does not have the image of a destination of choice but staying in Manchester few days in this city will not only delight football fans. Between museums, lively districts, family pubs, varied gastronomy, and vintage shops, it is an excellent alternative to the modern London City.

The John Rylands Library

The John Rylands Library Study Area
The John Rylands Library Reading Room Enclosure
Manchester: John Rylands library
The John Rylands Library

Located on the main artery of the city, Deansgate, The John Rylands Library is a library opened since 1900.

When visitors enter the impressive building, "they think first of all of a cathedral or the main hall of a castle."


Suggested Duration

1 - 2 Hour(s)

Lowry Center

A View of the Lowry Theatre, Part of the Lowry Centre at Salford Quays
The Lowry Centre in dawn light, Manchester
The Lowry Centre, Manchester
The Lowry Centre

It is a construction that represents the renewal of the city of Manchester. Opened in the year 2000, its location was specially chosen. The construction was driven by a desire to renovate the neighbourhood and the Manchester Canal.

This is a huge cultural complex with modern architecture. Inside there are two theaters, which showcase ballets and performances, a café-concert and a huge contemporary art gallery.

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Suggested Duration

2 - 4 Hour(s)

Whitworth Art Gallery

whitworth art gallery
The Whitworth Art Gallery
14.2.15 Manchester Whitworth Gallery 02

This is undoubtedly one of the most visited points of interest for tourists in Manchester. Over 125 years old, this art gallery was renovated in 2014. 

The building has been reconstructed, the exhibition space has doubled and new places, like a garden, have been created. The Whitworth Gallery can now accommodate 55,000 works of modern and contemporary art. Among the artists on display, big names like Francis Bacon, William Blake, Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh.


Suggested Duration

1 - 2 Hour(s)

Briton's Protection

The Britons Protection, Great Bridgewater Street
Inside the Britons Protection pub, Manchester.

In Manchester, Briton's Protection is a historic bar. Located right in front of Bridgewater Hall, a concert hall, it has become a hangout for artists and musicians. Its Victorian decor made of fireplaces, solid wood furniture and glass gives it a particularly cosy atmosphere. On the map, dozens of draft beers and primarily a collection of whiskeys among the largest in the country.


Suggested Duration

1 - 2 Hour(s)

Old Trafford

Old Trafford, Manchester
Old Trafford, Manchester
Old Trafford Manchester Panorama

This is Manchester's flagship attraction not just for the football fans. In this city divided between two Premier League clubs, the stadium of Manchester United is yet the most visited of the two.

For £18, tourists can enter this magnificent football stadium and relive the history of the legendary team of Eric Cantona, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo or Ruud van Nistelrooy. 

The program of the visit: A museum well stocked with cups and jerseys, dressing rooms players and even a few minutes on the lawn of the "Theatre of dreams".


Suggested Duration

2 - 3 Hour(s)

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