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Mont St Michel and Falaise d’Etretat in 2 Days

A little Bit of Mont St Michel and Falaise d’Etretat in 2 Days And why people don't play Pokemon Go in Mont St Michel

This week, we have visitor! So we will be planning a 2 days trip. The first time Casper was here we wanted to try out Mont St Michel, however due to limitations of unable to get a Pet Sitter, we settled for Versailles Palace instead.

So this time round, we sorted out the Pet Sitter and off we are to Normandy. But taking 500 km to see Mont St Michel (MSM) and just back isn't really worth it as we will reach MSM late and could not stay there as the hotel was rather expensive. (It takes at least 6 hours to finish seeing MSM)

So we decided to add in another venue along the way. And Etretat is our #2 itinerary added. All in all, we will be travelling 1100km in 2 days.

Pick up Charles de Gaulle Airport and Hotel

It's my first time driving to the Charles de Gaulle Airport​. The directions to airport is not as simple as what we have in Singapore. There are so many terminals and sometimes the Signboard was not really clear on the directions. So armed with a Hp GPS and car GPS, we head to CDG Airport.

Parking in airport was really expensive, €3 for 15mins. But first 10mins is free. So if you managed to pick up within 10mins. You shaved off this €3 at least.

All Set to Go!

After the pick up at the airport and Hotel, off we go to MSM!​ It's a drive of at least 380km, around 4 hrs drive.

Driving 380km for 4 hours

Driving in the day time is usually not difficult, apart from the Sun shining in. Weather is consider cooling (20​℃ - 25℃). Just sunny only. Quite heng. Had a few stops and before reaching MSM, we planned to have a meal before going in. Macdonalds at Avranches.

Why Macdonalds?

We had phobia and pretty different taste in the cuisines we had so far, so we decided Macdonald will probably not differ so much in Singapore and France. 


Never follow cars other than the local ones. We followed one fast car which turns out to be from Denmark and he got snapped by the Speed Camera. We slowed down of course before that.
JIA Kuai Che 
P Plate Driver

Mont St Michel

En route to MSM, you will see this magical and magnificent ​island away from the mainland. And yes, that is Mont St Michel.

The Mont-Saint-Michel is one of Europe’s most unforgettable sights. Set in the mesmerising bay where Normandy and Brittany merge, the island draws the eye from great distances.

The staggering location has long inspired awe and the imagination. The story of how the mount turned into a great place of Christian pilgrimage is colourful. Aubert, bishop of the nearby hilltop town of Avranches early in the 8th century, claimed that the Archangel Michael himself pressured him into having a church built atop the island just out to sea. (more)

Parking in Mont St Michel

Don't worry about parking in Mont St Michel. It is €12 for a day. €6 for less than 2 hours.​ (More info)

Map Guide of Mont St Michel

Ample space and if you are lucky enough you will be directed nearer to the shuttle bus location. Shuttle bus are frequently and depart every 15mins or so. ​It's free anyways.

Visitor Centre

The Shuttle Bus

The Shuttle Bus

The shuttle​ bus will drop you around 500m from the entrance of Mont St Michel and you will have to walk in. 

We are there on a weekday and look at the crowd!​ The key highlight of Mont St Michel is actually climbing up to the Abbey. We sought advice from the Tourism on which is the easiest route to climb up.

Crowded but still okay

The Crowd inside Mont St Michel is crazy!

The queue for the Evening Show

The Abbey closes at 6pm for Day Tour and reopened at 7pm for the evening tour.​

Why no one is playing Pokemon Go here

The place where there is Psyduck!

And one thing about Pokemon Go in Mont St Michel, you don't see much people playing. Because, reception is bad! My GPS could not be detected, but at certain spots, we managed to catch few Pokemons though.​ 

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Psyduck is definitely one of the Pokemon caught over at Mont Saint Michel.​

Our day at the Abbey ended shortly as we were one of the last few to arrived. And the last to leave the Abbey as the "Sweeper Team" is doing their rounds.


Very Magical and magnificent experience at Mont Saint Michel. Top 5 Must Visit when you are in France.

SHEN Mi Xue 
First Time Visitor

Dinner @ Buffalo Grill

Meals at France is often challenging for us, because good ones are usually full and we are left with food that has little reviews. So, we decided to try out Buffalo Grill instead. It's just beside Avranches​. We have always wanted to try out Buffalo Grill.


Really KNS (Like Shit), the STEAK Buay Jiak (Cannot Eat), the Fried Platter all Black Black one. Should have settled for MacDonalds

NU Pai 
Steak Lover

Airbnb Night stay at Normandy Inn​

Our Night stay is along the way to Etretat. Took us 2 days to research for a valued place for a stay over. Indeed, this place is definitely a 10/10 in overall satisfaction. 

@ Normandy Inn

The owners are very nice as we were late to check in (around 11.30pm).​


Breakfast at Normandy Inn was simple and fantastic! And very well presented! Really appreciate, the Owners (Steven and Kelvin) for their thoughts in the preparation.

Harry the Donkey


Plus, if you like farm animals like my wife do. This will definitely be the place. You get close up with Harry the Donkey, Dyson the Goat. They have 1 donkeys and 4 goats.

After breakfast and packing, we bid good bye to our wonderful stay and off we go to Falaise d'Etretat. Falaise d'Etretatis around 180km, 2 hours drive away from Normandy Inn. A shorter journey compared to Day 1.


Airbnb Price Tag, Hotel Value! Bao Jiak, Bao Ho (Guarantee Delicious, Guarantee Good)

QU Jiu Dian 
Airbnb Customer

Falaise d'Etretat​

Etretat is situated in northwestern France on the coastline of Normandy. It is famous for its white arches on the coastline. And erosion has made those arches from the cliffs. There are three well known arches ( L'Arche, La falaise d'Amont and La Manneporte) and an exceptional needle-like structure, referred to in French as an Aiguille.

Nearest Carpark to Falaise d'Etretat​

If you are lucky enough, you can get a parking space nearest to the cliff. ​Parking is free after 7pm though. We reached at around 5pm and was lucky enough to get a parking space.

View of the Coastline

View from the Cliff

The view on the cliff is simply amazing. And we also experience a Ridge Lift. And we went on to check out the other arches and cliffs. ​


Sunset here is really beautiful. Too bad we did not have the time to wait for it to set at the horizon as we need to head back to Paris. It's around 9pm when this sunset is taken.


One Word. SWEE! (Beautiful)

Cliff Hanger

​Dinner @ Crêperie de Lann Bihoué

Some Duno what Crepe

Crepe Lann Bihoué - Their 招牌 Crepe

Having good experience with our Crepe at Versailles, we decided again to try out the highly rated crepe at Etretat.

Damn! ​We ordered a Blue Cheese Crepe, it's so awful. The rest were not nice at all. I guess we will settle for Macdonalds next time round.


Two Words. Sibei Jialat!

Crepe Fan

​Overall, we had an awesome trip though alot of times I need to keep track of the time so that I will not be driving in the dark. Total we drove 1100km, 12 hours of driving! 

Was shagged out the next day, stoned at home.​

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