Hi There! I'm Donovan (You can call me Don). Born in Singapore and currently based in France. Authentic Chinese - Must eat rice one. 
As we plan our trips along the way, we realize there are websites that does not have the full information. So in Travelvoila, we try to include as much information as possible. 

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” 

Lao Tzu

About Travel Voila

When we first arrived in France, there is alot paperwork to be done. Every time it is done, the French will say "Wala" and we thought that sounds cool. Later then we know it is actually "Voila meaning here you go".

While researching for relocation to France or traveling in Europe, we realized that there is not one site that provides information at a glance. You will need to refer to Google Maps, Tripadvisor and many other travel sites just to plan out your itinerary. 

And more importantly, we have a perception that travelling to Europe is expensive. If you are savvy enough, you can bring this expense down significantly.

We want to be your Go To Europe Travel Site for Singaporeans or Asians.

Of course, this site will also keep track of our adventures as expat in France, as well as guide to Expats too.

From a Singaporean perspective. 

What about relocation to France?

Prior relocating to France, we tried to do research over the internet on Cost of Living, Transportation, Pets Relocation, Visa etc. We are unable to have a proper guide. It is until when we are here, we realised there is much more to know about prior the relocation. And of course, this blog will keep me occupied until who knows when?

About Us

snap shots in Paris

Snap shots in Paris

We are typical Singaporeans those that are more relaxed but still want to get the best lobangs.

And travelling Europe in fact is what most young couples dream of - For Honeymoon or whatever. So, why not take this chance to see and explore Europe.

In fact, I hold several positions.

  • Supermarketing Manager - Does the groceries buying in Supermarket
  • Travel Planner - Plan out all the itineraries, where to go, what to eat, where to stay, what to see
  • Professional Road Trip Driver - Travel Europe with our friendly Volkswagen Car
  • Top Singaporean Chef in Sens - Because, only got 1. 
  • Professional Pet Groomer - Groom our Pets from head to toe

About Mickey and Pepper

Oh Yes, they are our pets from Singapore. Travelled 14 hours with us to this small town. Relocating them from Singapore is not an easy task. The process is so long. Took 2 months for the whole documentation, preparation and training.

Arriving At Charles De Gaulle Airport,


An Old tyrant dog that just wants food. Mickey is our food auditor too. He audit places that have food scent or traces of food, and never fails on his audit. 

He is also a good travel partner. Sits quietly when travelling in the car. Mickey is 13 Years Old (2017)


A very playful dog. In his mind is just play, and play. Enjoys playing fetch for hours! Gets really whining when travelling though.

And yes, they have a facebook page too! Check out their videos.

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