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Favourite Paris Food by Travel Bloggers

Whenever our friends travel to Paris, they will ask us. What is your favourite Paris Food? Because we come from Singapore, naturally we prefer Asian cuisines and once in a while we

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Voted Top 10 Travel Blog 2018

Wooooo! We are voted Top Travel Blog by Apparently, I got 1% of the votes which is the last of the top 10.Maybe there are only 10 nominees, but nonetheless I can add a badge to my collection.So

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Buying Contact Lenses in France – Our Experience

After 2 years in France, my daily disposable contact lenses are running out. So it is time to buy our contact lenses in France. As we have previous experience in making our spectacle in France.So now,

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Strikes in France: If You are Travelling to Paris from March to June 2018, You Must Read This

In case you don't know, the French rail workers will be organising strikes throughout this 3 months on 22 March 2018 and rolling strikes 2 days every 5 days from 3 April until 28 June 2018.They say Spring

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French Bakery fined €3,000 for Working Too Hard – No Wonder you don’t see 7-11 in France

Singaporeans always envy the working culture in France, like their 35 hours work week, their many annual leaves (5 Weeks)And this time, a French bakery was fined €3,000 for operating his business 7 days

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Chamonix Ultimate Travel Guide and Tips – What to Do, Where to Stay, What to Eat

As the winter holidays are approaching, you may be looking for an exciting and fun destination in the French Alps. Well, here is an Ultimate Travel Guide in Chamonix during winter as well as summer.I had

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6 Days Itinerary – Snowboard In Chamonix With the Cousins! +1 Day Shopping at La Vallee Village

Skiing and snowboarding in Chamonix have always been our bucket list but we were pretty new to this winter sports. So the previous year, we had our snowboard lesson at Feldberg, Germany and during summer

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Bye 2017! A Singapore Travel Blogger’s Recap on Europe Travels

I think I can call myself a Singapore & Europe Travel Blogger already lah. We have been updating this Travel Blog since 2016. This recap serves as an annual review of what we have

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5 Best Things to Do in Manchester

Having to research on Manchester, we realised that not many Manchester travel bloggers cover things to do in Manchester. Probably there are not many things to do there except for visiting Old Trafford

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Paris to Manchester in 2 Days – Where to Watch Manchester United

Catching a match at Manchester United, Old Trafford has always been our bucket list. Moreover, we are in France. So flying from Paris to Manchester is definitely cheaper than flying from Singapore. So,

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