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Pokemon Go in Paris

Best Place for Pokemon Go Hunting in Paris We start off with Eiffel Tower


Finally after all the hype, we too, got curious on it and started the game - Pokemon Go. It was launched on 21 July 2016 in France and 6 Aug in Singapore

Of course, there seems to be many privacy concerns on Pokemon Go. But the positive aspect of this game wins these concerns. 

What is so different about Pokemon Go?​

  • You can't stay at home to play this game (Unlike Candy Crush)
  • It's social gaming, you play because others are playing. So internal competition is there and you share the information and gamplay you learnt
  • Walk to hatch the Egg - How many of you rather walk nowadays just to hatch your egg, compared to those 10km run/walk events you sign up?
  • Although there is no storyline in the game, I probably think the objective of the game is to catch all Pokemon. That's for us though.

We started playing 2 weeks ago and started to be more active. In our area, there are not much rare catch, so we decided to head to Paris!

Indeed! Paris, being the City and more populated, has more Pokestops and Pokemon.

So this week, we bring you to Eiffel Tower for the best place to catch or farm Pokemons.​ And we tried to research online but could not really find information on best catch in Paris, so hence, this post to collate our findings. More reason to head for Paris eh.

Where to Park Near Eiffel Tower?

A Glimpse of the Parking

If you are driving, parking in public carpark is free after 7pm from Monday to Saturdays and mostly free on Sundays if you are lucky enough to get alot. We drove around the Eiffel Tower Vicinity and managed to get a carpark lot at this place around 8pm on Saturday.

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On the way to Eiffel Tower, the Pokemon keeps popping up and it took us like 30mins to get into Eiffel Tower base itself.

The Pokestops from where we park

This is the view from where we park and there with the 2 Gyms is where the Eiffel Tower is. There are alot of stops around the area, but to find the best stops, there are 2 we recommend.

Eiffel Tower Pokemon Stop #1

This Pokestop cluster has 3 without you walking. And there is benches at this pathway. It is just outside the Base Pillar Piller Quest. On your Pokemon Go game, and you will see it.

Eiffel Tower Pokestop #1

3 Pokestops in 1 location

At this cluster, we mostly had Psyduck and Nidoran with other common Pokemons.

What we caught

  • Common Pokemons
  • Psyducks and more Psyducks
  • Nidoran
  • Dratini
  • Goldeen
  • Nidorino

Eiffel Tower Pokemon Stop #2

The 2nd Cluster of 3 Pokestop can be found at Trocadéro Gardens Jardins du Trocadéro

Pokestop #2

Near the Fountain

Right beside the Fountain, a Cluster of 3 and the fourth one you can walk probably 20metres more.

Many lures as there are many people playing there too.​

Some of our loots we snap

What we caught

  • Common Pokemons
  • Golduck!
  • Golbat
  • Clefairy
  • Many Magikarp
  • Growlithe
  • Vulpix
  • Geodude

Probably this weekend, we will be heading to another Park in Paris. Hearsay, have more rare Pokemons and Mr Mime. Shall update! 



So so only leh, don't have Snorlax or Gyarados

PI Ka Chu 
Pro Gamer

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