Buying Contact Lenses in France

Buying Contact Lenses in France – Our Experience

After 2 years in France, my daily disposable contact lenses are running out. So it is time to buy our contact lenses in France. As we have previous experience in making our spectacle in France.

So now, we thought that buying contact lenses in France should be easier.

BUT No! You are wrong!

We have a previous terrible experience of buying spectacle eyewear in France.

Because the last year when we wanted to make a spectacle, we realised that we had to get a prescription from the Ophthalmologist and present it to the optician store than you can proceed with making ur spectacle.

It took us a 2-3 months wait to get the appointment. And 2 hours wait at the clinic as there were a long queue as well.

So the same goes for contact lenses. You will need a prescription. But this time, luckily we can use the previous prescription for our contact lenses.

So we saved 2-3 months of waiting time.

Buy in France or Buy in UK?

Previously we did consider of buying our lenses online from UK. But having checked out the prices, it is almost the cheaper to get in UK. 

And when you add in the delivery charges, the cost is almost similar. So, we settled for buying contact lenses in France.

From Krys Online (France)

Week 0

So first Saturday we went to the optical store but was told that we need to make an appointment before we can make the contact lenses.

So, we made an appointment on the next Saturday. The staff told us the whole process takes 4 appointments over 3 weeks.

Week 1

So come Saturday 2, we went for our appointment. Prior to the eye assessment we need to fill up a questionnaire on our "Contact Lenses History". Frequent user, any eye issue etc.

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Then we get our eye checked via the machines and vision check for the degree of our correction.



Buying Contact Lenses in France

Buying Contact Lenses in France

There was even Fluorescein Eye Stain Test too. 

We don't even have that of test in the optical stores in Singapore.

The assessment was so comprehensive. In Singapore, we need to tell the optician and they will sell us the lenses. I guess it is similar to UK.

So I was given 5 Pairs of trial lenses to try over the week and was charged €25 for it.

They call it the readaptation fee.


For all the assessments and the trying out. I am a contact lenses user for 10 years. Why do I need to readapt?

So I was given 5 pairs and told to come back next week wearing it. I also realise one side was given less correction. I should be taking -4.25 as per the prescription but was given -4,00

And all along I am comfortable wearing -4.50

Week 2

So I didn't wear the rest of the lenses because I find it a waste to test out. 5 pairs for €25 leh.

So I only take 1 pair on the Saturday itself. And true enough the corrective is not suitable. My vision of the right eye is slightly blurred.

We went to the store for our appointment and another assessment. I told the staff, the vision is slightly blurred and she added on till - 4,50 and told me to try again and come back next week.

I have to try again and come back next week test liao then I can buy?

So I requested to purchase straight away instead of testing it. Gladly she accepted it. So actually, I can purchase straight away without all these assessment and readaptation fee. But still I need to wait a week for the items to arrive.

Wah… So Means this trial assessment is to Carrot you one lah?

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So we sat down and settled my order.

And interestingly through the Internet the lenses I wanted cost €17 and in the store, it cost €23.

I showed her the Internet price, and told her the price difference I might as well get it online.


Short Sighted Don

Correct Mah, The Store Cost €23, Online Sell €17. Of course is buy online right?

Of course, she tried to sales talk me saying if u buy in store you get a service and assessment.

But I paid €25 for the assessment. What do you mean by service?

Then I saw this Caption Online. 

Then she came back with a brochure that if I buy 2 box, there is a €25 voucher. So net net, I still save.

Since we wanted to get a pair of sunglasses. So we asked about the voucher. She say need 6 weeks to process.

Wah piang, 6 weeks. I have not deduct the holidays yet. 

#salestalk fail.

But in the end, I purchase the 2 boxes of €23 contact lenses praying the €25 voucher will be in earlier.

And probably buy the rest via online.

It cost €106 to purchase from the store. But there is a €50 Voucher if you purchase 2 boxes.

So my wife case is more interesting. She is using a monthly lens and there is no trial pair available during week 1. The trial pair only arrives on week 2.

Similar to my case, she was told to trial on the contact lenses for the week.

But, she is currently wearing -4.75 and given -4.00.

Next week sure drama again. Then again, the readaptation fee was not charged to her. So I am guessing that fee was for that session for the both of us. 

Stay Tuned!

Frequently Asked Question on Buying Contact Lenses in France

After our experience on buying contact lenses in France, we will like to share the answers that we gather from buying contact lenses in France.

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Firstly, we do not have the vitale card or social security. So, we are unable to get any subsidy from the government. But a compare on the contacts lenses package in Singapore and France. Somehow France is cheaper. So buy in France lor.

How to Buy Contact Lenses in France

Can you buy Contact Lenses Online in France?

Can you not pay the Readaptation Fee?

What if my correction has changed and differs from the prescription?

What if I do not have a prescription?

Any questions you have? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Buying Contact Lenses in France

Buying Contact Lenses in France


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