Dinner for 2

When away from home country, we always have cravings for Asian Food. Be it rice or noodles. Eating out in France is usually expensive, thus we have to cook our own meals. Sometimes I will forget how to came out with the dishes, so I decided to record down my experiments.

And of course, cooking for 2 is never an easy task too.​

Food Cravings in a foreign country makes your day more miserable.

Yet eating out in those expensive restaurants make your pocket even more miserable.

What if you can cook your own dish without spending on bomb? Imagine during Winter time, you need to travel 100+ km to Paris just to get some Asian Food or soupy noodles.

Cheaper than Eating Out

Imagine having Hotpot During Winter

No need to Travel so far to curb your cravings

Yes, Travelvoila Asian Food Recipe is here to help!

  • Travelvoila Asian Food Recipe, the #1 Asian Food Recipe in Sens, France
  • Cook your meals at the comfort at home
  • Condiments from Asian Store, but main course from nearby Supermarkets like Iidl, E.Leclerc or Auchan.

See what some of our starved guest have to say:

Ah DonRice Lover

I love this Asian Food recipe. One of my favorite dishes is White Rice. This recipe might be simple, but it's the best home version I've found. Because I've been living my life and not knowing how to cook white rice! I've had to learn to create such culinary memories at home - and this particular dish was the hardest to get just right. 

Don SanRobert Cai Tao

It's not unusual for me to eat Chinese out two or three times per week, so I have a LOT of experience in eating Asian food. Here where I stay, the Asian / Chinese food is expensive! Charging €2 for a small bowl of white rice. Thank you Travelvoila ! The recipes here is good or better than most Chinese restaurants! 

DonatelloAsian Food Fan

We really liked this blog, even my wife and she's not the Chinese food fan than I am. But often, she praises how my cooking has improved. (Try eating bread for months, you will understand) ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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