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French Bakery fined €3,000 for Working Too Hard – No Wonder you don’t see 7-11 in France

Singaporeans always envy the working culture in France, like their 35 hours work week, their many annual leaves (5 Weeks)

And this time, a French bakery was fined €3,000 for operating his business 7 days a week.

And this is not the first case. There were 4 cases back in 2015.

"A decree dating back to 1999 states that the boulangeries must close on at least one day. "

So will you envy this if you are in Singapore? Some may say yes because F&B and retail jobs in Singapore are quite demanding.

We have many eateries and retailers in Singapore that close one day in a week.

  • My favourite Duck Rice at Tekka Market close on Monday
  • Another Favourite Laksa at Sungei Road close on Wednesday

But there are many eateries in Singapore that are open 7 days a week. And for bakery, most are open 7 days a week,

Imagine you want to do business, but the government requires you to apply a permit to operate 7 days a week.

In our town, only restaurants and some supermarkets open on Sunday. And the supermarkets only open half day on Sunday. Retails and pharmacies are closed on Sunday.

Most Shops Close on Sunday in France - By Law

Even in Paris as well. It will be challenging to find retail shops open on Sunday. Only eateries are allowed to open on Sunday.

So imagine in Singapore, where Sunday is your only 1 of 2 days that you can go shopping and run some of your errands.

So if you want work-life balance, and when government enforce that business have to close on Sunday.

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Then imagine all the retails are closed on Sunday. Then how are you going to run your errands or do your stuff like signing a mobile line, go tuition and take swimming lessons?

All these no need manpower ah?

For retailers, weekends are the time where the sales revenue comes in the most because these are the period where there is more customer traffic flow.

You compare Tampines Mall on a weekday and weekend, It is so difficult to even find a parking lot during weekends.

35 Hours Work Week in France

One of the most shared articles on 35 hours work week in France.. Singapore's policy is 44 hours work week.

Many Singaporeans are envious of this policy of 35 Hours Work week. But do you know that this policy is in place to increase employment rate?

By law, you need work 35 hours a week, but the business is operating 12-18 hours a day. To ensure a continuous business service, business has to pay overtime to the staffs or hire more people.

So indirectly, business cost increase and these are passed on to consumers.

In this case, do you want the 35 hours week in Singapore?

You want work-life balance, yet you want the convenience of services at an affordable cost.

Then how, like that?


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