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How to get from Paris to Colmar (Drive or Train?)

If you have already visited Paris many times; It's time to visit places out of Paris. Well, Colmar will be 1 attracting place to visit. But how do you get from Paris to Colmar?

Paris to Colmar: By Car

6 Hours Drive from Paris
460 km Distance
33 Total Expense

Driving from Paris to Colmar takes about 6 hours excluding any rest stop.

Toll charge is €6 according to

Paris to Colmar: By Train

2 Hrs 30 Mins Train from Paris
460 km Distance
25 Expense (From)

Another way to travel from Paris to Colmar is by Train. It cost as low as €25 per way depending on the dates you are travelling.

On selected days, you can have tickets for €25. So plan your trip wisely.

From Paris to Colmar

By Car

  • 5 - 6 Hours Journey
  • €36 / Way
  • Good for 2 or More Travelers
  • Can explore the Country Side
  • Longer Time Taken

€36 / Way

By Train

  • 2.5 Hours Journey
  • From €25 / Pax / Way
  • Good for Single Travelers
  • Not able to travel to the country side

From €25 / Pax / Way

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