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How to Cook White Rice for 2 Person? Always headache to cook for 1-2 person right?


French Menu: Le Riz Blanc

Singapore Menu: White Rice

Chinese Menu: 白米饭

Rice is a common and compulsory food for Chinese. Especially for Chinese man like me, I would usually have rice for most of my meals.

And it is also a headache to cook for 1-2 person portion.

Just month before I came over to France, I didn't know how to cook white rice. I try a few attempts, is either to soggy or the rice got burnt. So I google online how not to burn the rice and chance upon this experiment.

Burnt Rice - Source: myfridgefood

There are many methods to cook rice, but now is how to cook rice for 1-2 person? 

Do you need a small rice cooker? But what if you need to cook rice for 4-6  person? Do you need to buy a bigger cooker again?

Here, I use the Steamer Method to steam rice instead of using cooker. Because my cooker always produce burnt rice. So I gave up and use the steamer method instead.

And you can even cook for 1 person share using this method.

Moreover, it cost €2 for a small bowl of White Rice in a nearby Asian Restaurant. Siao bo ?​

What you need?

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  • Small to Medium Size Rice Bowl - Small Enough to put in the Pot

Small to Medium Size rice bowl

  • Pot (with a small rack) or Steamer Pot 
  • Hot Dish Tongs

Click Here for Recipe and Instructions

Simple and Easy.

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