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Packing your Luggage

How to pack Your Luggage for Relocation

Finally, it's almost time to get going. You are at the stage of packing your luggage for the flight. By now, you should have settled most of your stuffs and your house should look almost empty except for the things you are leaving behind.

It's is very crucial to pack your luggage with the essential items you need for at least a few weeks (Depending you choose Air or Sea Shipment). And with proper planning, you will have a easier time to settle in. 

Know Your Host Country's Weather

Knowing the temperature and weather will make your packing easier as you will know if you should prepare winter wear. It is not only wearing it to the airport and from the airport to your house. It is also for the few weeks there before your shipment arrive.

Of course, you do not pack your winter wear if the host country is having summer. Put your winter wear together with your shipment. Leave more space for your luggage.

​Know Your Air Travel Guidelines

Why? Certain airlines have weight limits on luggage. Singapore Air has 32kg, Airfrance has 23 kg. The difference of 9 kg is very crucial. You wouldn't want to incur additional cost due to excess baggage. Plan early to save on such cost.

In the event of the weight exceeding the limit, check with your Airline on the cost of purchasing additional luggage space. It will be more cost saving to purchase online prior your check in. We did not manage to get it online, in the end we paid additional S$120 instead of S$100 if we got it online.

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What to Pack


  • Clothings (To last you at least 3-4 days)
  • Power Adapters (Know the configuration of your host country)
  • Toiletries, enough to last you 1 week
  • Documents (Like Birth Cert, Marriage Cert, Driving Licenses, Original and copies too)

Bonus Items in your Luggage (If your space allows)

  • Certain cosmetics you used daily which cannot be bought at your host country somehow
  • Food Items like condiments, sauces and spices as these items are prohibited in the shipment
  • Your favourite instant noodles

​Carry on Luggage or Backpacks

  • ​At least a day of clothing that you need. Eg: Down Jacket, Snow Cap, Muffler
  • Power Banks - In the case, of low batt during your movement
  • Handphone Chargers - Nowadays these are essentials you cannot leave without
  • Laptops, Earphones
  • Medications - Flu tablets, motion sickness, sleeping pills etc.
  • Travel Documents - Passport, Pet's documents

What Not to Pack

Because of the weight constraints, avoid packing these in your luggages. You could have pack them with your movers.

  • Household items - Detergent, washing liquids
  • Toiletries - Many bottles of shampoo, body wash etc. (You can purchase it at the host country)
  • Electronics like Hairdryer, Boiling Flask


Relocation is a long process, especially if it's your first time. With proper planning and information, your preparation will be easier and smoother. 


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Other Essentials

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