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Places to Backpack in Southern Europe That Are Off the Beaten Path

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For some visitors, going to only Paris or Barcelona to visit the tourist attractions is a great vacation. But some travelers prefer to go off the beaten path to explore and experience a new culture untouched by tourism.


Backpackers can get exciting experiences and authentic culture by visiting one of these southern European towns, but be sure to check out other awesome destinations if you’re going to stay in Europe a while.

Coimbra, Portugal

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Coimbra is a considerable part of Portugal’s past, as its medieval capital for over a century. The town offs visitors a mix of the historic old world and modern era with colorful streets and lively nightlife. Visitors can explore one of the largest excavated Roman settlements and walk among the ruins at Conímbriga, only a few miles from Coimbra. In the midst of town, tourists can take a look at the luxurious and lavish library Biblioteca Joanina, built in the 18th century.

Cartagena, Spain

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Cartagena is packed full of history and authentic Spanish culture. History buffs can visit one of the town’s dozen museums, several historic churches, and the grand Roman theater, built somewhere between the fifth and first centuries BC.

Bolgheri, Italy

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Bolgheri is a Tuscan village with a long history. Currently, the quaint village is an oasis for wine enthusiasts, as the area has a vast number of wineries. Visitors can also explore the rich history of the town, like the town’s castle and the Saints Giacomo and Cristoforo church.

Cuenca, Spain

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Cuenca is famous for its precarious homes that are built almost hanging off nearby cliffs. The medieval town is complete with Roman-era ruins and colorful modern townhouses. It is not as well known as other tourist destinations, so a visit to Cuenca is like stepping back in time to the 12th century when many of its buildings were constructed.

Norcia, Italy

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Some 70 miles to the north of Rome is the walled village of Norcia. The ancient village keeps authentic Italian traditions alike which, along with the lack of tourists, makes this town a backpacker’s dream. Visitors can see the Monastery of St. Benedict, the Ruderi Santa Maria Argentea Cathedral, and enjoy the one of a kind cuisine that can only be found in rural Italy.

Getaria, Spain

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Located near San Sebastián, this seaside fishing village is far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life. The village has not only beautiful ocean views but also some of the best seafood in Spain, like fresh turbot and squid.

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