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cost of living in France Part 1

Pre-relocation Decision – Cost of Living in France (Part 1) You be surprised at how much their mobile plans cost

Before you are assigned to relocate, there is this decision-making process that you have to go through. Certainly there are things to look out for before you confirm your decision to relocate, because this is not a small decision. This decision you make will impact you depending on your tenure.

Be it for job relocation or other reasons. Following are the things to look out for.

1. Cost of Living

This is the up most #1 thing to look out for when you are relocating. We often compare it using online platforms. Like example, I will use this site to compare the cost of living in general

Cost of Living

Cost of Living


This screengrab is taken on 13th May 2016. Data and exchange rate as 1.560 SGD / EUR

And so, in general it looks as though Paris COL is 8% lower than in Singapore. It is because of the Transportation that is 35% higher. In fact, Singapore’s transportation (owning a vehicle) requires COE. COE ranges from is around SGD 40,000 ++ currently. It has hit, $92,000 at it’s highest!



Food in Paris is generally higher than in Singapore. Eating out is definitely alot more expensive. Just comparing Macdonalds in France and in Singapore.


Big Mac in Singapore is S$ 7.70 compared to in France is €7.20 (S$11.23) which is 45% more expensive.  So, please choose Big Mac instead of McNuggets if you want to fill your stomach.

Next we go on to compare the Eggs.


Housebrand eggs – S$4.20 from Giant vs € 2.96 (S$4.60) from Carrefour. Just like 10% more, not 78% lah. Pretty cool uh!

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Beer Comparison


S$19.40 for 6 cans, which is S$3.23 / Can vs €0.68 (S$1.07) which is 66% cheaper! In fact, housebrand beers are alot cheaper! See to believe!

You can drink until you Peng San. Cheaper than your Kopi C!



Comparing Housing in Expensive areas, usually it is on par. But if comparing housing rents away from the capital. Like say 100km away in Burgundy, is like staying in Bedok, Pasir Ris, Jurong.

From Property Guru, a 3 Room flat in Singapore, rental will be approximate S$2000, depending on proximity to amenities and whether it is near the MRT. So it usually works out to be S$3 psf for rental.


For France region, rental of an apartment of around the same size varies, much depends on location as whether is it near to their central area. But in general, €600 – €800 you can get a decent apartment. Landed houses are also having the similar range. You can check out Immostreet if you want to explore more.

Internet / Mobile

Well, this comes hand in hand whether in Singapore or France. Because with bundles packages, you definitely can save abit more.


For a typical 1 GBPS fibre internet + Fibre TV + Home line, it is S$88.80 (S$66.60 for first 6 months). We ignore the Mobile broadband, because 1GB is usually not enough for personal usage.


€26.99 (S$42) for these bundles! Singapore cost is almost double! Bet you wonder, why are you paying so much for your broadband at home? But, please take note. In France, there are certain regions which are not Fibre ready (means no open-net installment), cannot use Fibre.

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They use ADSL modems which maximum goes to 20Mbps if you heng. Sad to say, I am the heng one in the region which they are not fibre ready! 🙁


m1 plans

Data usage for the Telcos has always been insufficient until recently MyRepublic plans to disrupt the market with unlimited data plans and S$8 for 2GB of data.

In France, there are 4 Internet service providers. Mainly,

Orange seemed to be higher priced, so we shall not talk about Orange.

The rest of the 3 are very competitively priced, especially if you are using the Home internet.

Below are their current promotion.





As you can see, if you take up their Home internet, you have up to €17 discount on your mobile plan. Bouygues has this current promotion,  20GB for €7.49 if you are their customer. But overall, I would choose Because for €15.99 and the Home Internet at €26.99, you get 50GB and 35 Days for Europe usage. Best deal!

HOWEVER, we signed up with Bouygues for their home internet not knowing of this package. It is until when we started researching then we come to realise such a good deal. But still, at €19.99 is also a good deal! (Haiz, if only.)

(Sans Engagement means no contract!) Isn’t that lovely?

And so, Internet and mobile in France are definitely cheaper than in Singapore.

Note: In order to sign up for their post plans, you need to have a Bank Account with their ATM card. (We are still waiting for this, it has been 4 weeks!). You are paying through their GIRO I guess.

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We will continue the remaining details in our next update. Stay tuned!

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