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Review - Haxbauer Munich World Famous Pork Knuckle

[Review] Haxnbauer im Scholastikahaus, München – World Famous Pork Knuckle

I guess Germany is famous for their Pork Knuckles. We have been trying Pork Knuckles since our first trip to Germany. The first time we tried was at Heidelberg. Second time was at Berlin. This time to Munich, we managed to reserve a table at Haxnbauer im Scholastikahaus, München – World Famous Pork Knuckle

Go Germany of course must try their Pork Knuckles right!?

Haxnbauer im Scholastikahaus, München



Haxnbauer is at a very convenient location. You walk 5 mins from Marienplatz station, can reach already. Somemore along the street of Sparkassenstraße, you will see their brightly lited signboard of Haxnbauer. It is very hard to miss lah.

Haxnbauer - Evening. Look at the Queue outside

The Atmosphere 


At both sides of the corner where you see the glass panel below the signboard, this is where they display their Knuckles grilled on the beech wood charcoal grill.

The queue from inside. It is said that they have 150 seats for reservation and 150 seats open to public. A total of 300 seats.  On a Monday evening, the queue goes for at least 20-30mins. (Because we are seated with a group whom are unable to make reservation in the morning.)

We made the reservation at least a week before.​

The Menu


Well, they have English and German menu. And they have highlighted their specialty in the Menu too.

The prices are very reasonable considering they are the World Famous Pork Knuckles. And so we ordered

  • Half Pork Knuckle 
  • Serving of Suckling Pig
  • 6 Kuffler Grilled Sauages

The Service

Service was good and prompt. We waited for like 5 mins before being shown the way to our seats. And we were told that we will be sharing seats with another group of 4 before being shown the way in. I guess it is very common and normal for such practice in Germany.

They can even accommodate big groups for 20 people.​

Order taking was prompt too, although they did giggle abit when I asked what is Veal. But I really dun know what is Veal mah!

What We Ordered

Half Pork Knuckles

Half Pork Knuckle

Served with Potato dumplings, the Pork Knuckles drizzled with their in house sauce. It was not too difficult to cut out the meat. 

The first bite,  the meat seems a little tough, and the skin is too tough. But still taste not too bad. Not the best we have had but good enough.

The potato dumplings side dish is boring though. It taste more like rice dumpling or Potato Starch dumpling?

At €17.80, the price is still reasonable. ​

Suckling Pig

Suckling Pig

I have to say this is good stuff! The skin is crispy. The first bite is so crunchy and you will hear that crunch sound with every bite. The meat is tender and juicy!

This one sibei good! Must order! I will definitely come for this suckling pig again when I have the chance.

At €23, ​the price is good, considering the portion. Worth to order!

6 Sausages

6 normal sausages I would say, average tasting but I like the side dish though.

It is sauerkraut, finely cut cabbage that has been fermented by various lactic acid bacteria, including Leuconostoc, Lactobacillus, and Pediococcus.

We ordered this because for person of 4, we will not be able to finish the 3rd main course. So sausage is fine.

Overall Recommendation

We are seated with a group of Czech Republicans, very friendly people!

Despite the more than average taste of the Pork Knuckle, we prefer the taste of the Suckling Pig. We also had a pleasant dining experience with food of the most exquisite flavours.

For this reason, I highly recommend going to the Haxnbauer.

I will also encourage you make a reservation before going.

Address: Haxnbauer im Scholastikahaus Sparkassenstraße 6 80331 München

Online Menu - Link​ | Website

Opening Hours: 11:00 am to 00:00 am​

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