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Sambal Kang Kong (Kang Kong Series Day 1) Le Épicé Sambal Kangkong


French Menu: Le Épicé Sambal Kangkong

Singapore Menu: Sambal Kang Kong

Chinese Menu: 马来风光

Just visited Tang Feres over the weekend. We stocked up some ingredients for the week, bought alot of Soya Bean drink and of course, bought Kang Kong (Water Spinach) as well.

Kang Kong in France seems like very expensive. It cost €10.50 (S$16) for a KG of it! In Singapore, Sheng Shiong sells 80 cents for like 250g.  S$3.20 for 1 Kg!

Wet Market sells at a even cheap rate!


What to do right? You miss eating Asian vegetables, so gotta pay abit more.

So we have 500g of Kang Kong to be cooked over 3-4 days. So let's see what are the different ways to cook this Kang Kong.

Of course, Sambal is the #1 cooking style associated with Kang Kong in Singapore. We definitely have to prepare this dish here.​

See what some of our starved guest have to say:

Ah DonRice Lover

I love to eat Kang Kong! In Singapore, you go order Tze Char, this one standard dish one, if you like spicy stuffs.
Go with Rice, superb lah!

Don SanRobert Cai Tao

You see the Sambal so hard to prepare, I think it's easy to get the Prima Taste Sambal pack.
Cheap and good, serves 2-3 somemore.

DonatelloAsian Food Fan

Kang Kong must eat with Sambal.
Ah bo why call sambal Kang Kong!?

Click Here for Recipe and Instructions

Side Dish to your dinner / lunch. Serves well with White Rice.

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