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Scam – 3 Cups and a Ball & 3 Shell Game


As our post on scams, I got very interested in finding out this 3 cups and a ball and how it works. In youtube, there are several videos on this 3 cups and a ball. There is also the 3 shells game similar scam as well.

3 Cups and a Ball

3 Cups and a Ball – Notice this guy? He is the same guy on the first video from London!

How this works? The scammer will shuffle the balls in 3 cups and guess where is the ball. 33% chance of winning looks easy uh? You will come to realise there is anyways a stupid guy that gets it wrong and made it 50% chance for you to guess. Looks simple right?

Nope, you are wrong. The ball they used are usually sponge balls. That can be squeezed out when they shift the cups around. And when they start using 2 hands to shuffle. This is where it gets more technical.

Usually in a group of 3-4, one banker and 2-3 (a female or a couple at least) of their own players. For the initial stage they make as though the guess is very easy. The Banker will shuffle with one hand and the accomplice usually gets it right. Then the stupid one will always open the wrong one. This is to make you look smarter than the stupid player and you will think it is easy money.

No! You are wrong. Once you are in the game, you will bound to lose. You are playing with vanishing balls! They simply can make the balls disappear instead inside the cup. Of course, they are ways to beat it. But do you dare to take up the challenge of the group of them and the whole gang of them down the street?

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How to beat them? – If you think the middle one is where the ball is, quickly open 2 of the cups beside it. The banker has no choice but to pay you for the win~ Then, RUN!!!


The video below shows it in slow motion.


3 Shell game Explained


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