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Pets Relocation Guide

Steps to a Successful Pets Relocation

Planning for a pet relocation is definitely an overwhelming issue. When we came to know of the job relocation offer, the furkids are the one of the issues on our mind to settle.

Mickey and Pepper at Changi Airport before departure

MIckey and Pepper at Changi Airport

Mickey and Pepper at Changi Airport before departure
  • What to do with them? Yes, we have 2 cute little dogs. 1 is 2 Years old, another 11 Years Old.
  • Where to house them?
  • Can the plane take them?
  • How much to pay for them to fly over?

There is so many thousand and one questions we have. Moreover, we just adopted 1 new dog. After months of preparation and research, we finally managed to fly our pets over.

And thus, we came out with this guide so that your pet's relocation will be smoother and easier.​



[Free Guide] to Successful Pets Relocation

A guide to an easier pets relocation process

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