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Tea & Coffee: Europe’s Obsession with Caffeinated Beverages

Caffeine is a staple of everyday life in much of the world, but it holds a special place in the hearts of Europeans. While they may debate whether tea or coffee is the best beverage one thing is certain: caffeine is a celebrated part of European culture. From the great tea rooms of the United Kingdom to the slow pulled espresso bars of Italy, there are many ways to explore these iconic drinks while traveling in Europe.


Beloved throughout much of Europe, tea is best known as the drink of choice in Great Britain. Generally preferred to coffee, tea is consumed more than three times as much as coffee in the U.K., according to a 2012 survey. Enjoying a cuppa while visiting the United Kingdom is a must for anyone’s itinerary. Even though the Brits have a specific tea time, around 3 p.m., tea is enjoyed throughout the day by many, so don’t limit yourself to just one cup in the afternoon! English tea is typically a delicious blend of black tea taken with either milk or cream and often sugar. If you’re wanting to feel truly British, make sure to dunk a biscuit in your tea!


For many tourists visiting Europe from the Americas, coffee is the drink of choice, and the perfect espresso is the holy grail, and yet most misunderstood type, of coffee beverage. Unlike most, espresso coffee is roasted dark and ground far finer. Whether you are looking for a latte or a double shot, the famed cafe culture of Europe is sure to deliver. In Europe, espresso drinks are served in much smaller sizes than we are accustomed to in the Americas. Though they may be smaller, these coffees pack a punch of rich flavor.

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Europeans aren’t fond of the added flavorings common to many a coffee in the U.S., so it’s best to keep it simple while traveling and avoid ordering anything pumpkin spice. Meant to be enjoyed sitting in a perfect spot outside a cafe or near a window, while you watch passersby or get lost in good conversation with friends, these drinks are rarely available to go. In fact, in some places, you’ll be laughed out of the shop if you order your drink to go. It’s best to savor slowly and soak up the European coffee culture of coffee while you’re at it.

Regardless of your favorite way to get that caffeine kick, Europe is sure to impress with its obsession for all things caffeinated. Join our community to start your European journey.


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