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Unpack relocation shipment

The 6 Easy Steps to Unpack your Relocation Shipment

You have endured the flight, planned your shipment and packing and now it is waiting for the shipment to arrive. Be it by Air or Sea, your shipment will arrive by trucks. The moment you have been waiting for; the items you miss alot!

1. Identify a space

Space for Shipment

Similar to packing your shipment, you have to identify a space where your items can be put before you start to unpack. The movers will not care which room these items go to. Their job is to empty their truck and move it to your house and their job is done. 

Provide them an empty space to put the items will facilitate the process and accountability.

2. Prepare Unpacking Tools

You just moved into your house, and these 10-20 boxes just flood your house. What if you do not have a pen knife? Prepare this items in one of the boxes or get them before your shipment arrive.



Items to prepare:

  • Pen Knives or Cutter
  • Plastics Bags - Where the padding and tapes can be thrown
  • Marker / Pen - For labelling items again if you do not want to use them yet.
  • Masking Tape - To tape up the boxes of unused items after opening.

3. Unpack Room by Room

You would have pack your items room by room. So unpack them room by room and putting items in their designated rooms or kitchen or living room.​

Unpack room by room

Unpack room by room

4. Unpack those you Need

When you are packing, you would have pack those that you need over at your host country. But there are times that you may have packed unnecessary stuffs as well. Or maybe your host residence have provided them, example like microwave oven, plates etc.

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So, unpack those you need and those that you are not using it, repack them back and label them.​

5. Keep 3-5 Empty Carton Boxes

Flatten Carton Boxes

Flatten Carton Boxes

You have already unpack most of the stuffs and repack those you do not need into the boxes. Leave a few empty boxes behind so that in the event you need to store something else, you have these boxes ready.​

6. Check where to dispose the boxes

​It is always good to check where it is appropriate to dispose the boxes. In France, there is guides in how to dispose your rubbish. 

Recycling Bins

Recycling Bins | pix:

I hope these 6 steps will help you in your unpacking. Voila!

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