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Departure Day

The Preparation Check List Before your Departure

By now you should have gotten your flight tickets. If you haven't, you should check out the skyscanner app. This app will aggregate over 600 partners bringing you the best deal. However, from Singapore to France on direct flights is only Singapore Air and Air France.

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At Home

  • Ensure all electricity are off, lights, aircon etc. If you are going away and no one is staying at your house, do off the gas supplies as well. Fridge is empty and off.
  • Windows are closed - So that your house will be dust free
  • House Keys to be kept in a safe place - You will be away 2-3 years. You probably may not remember where you place your keys. If possible, leave a set of keys with your friends or family in your home country


  • Online Check - in and print your boarding pass - This will save some of your time checking in at the airport. 
  •  Passport - The most important document
  • YOUR CURRENCIES! - Use a Money Belt or Travel Wallet to store them

Preparation and Packing

  • Pack some snacks - Some sweets, chocolates so that you can munch if you feel hungry suddenly.
  • Throw in an Empty Water Bottle - Due to airlines restriction of carrying bottled waters, you have to empty your bottle before the security entries. However, you can fill this up before you board your flight.
  • Bring small bottles of Hand lotion and Lip Balm - The air in flight are usually dry. So, to prevent dry skin or lips, it is best to bring them along.
  • Bring along some medications like for Flu, Cough, fever or motion sickness, though most airlines should have Panadol.
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What to wear?

  • Comfortable Tee Shirts with Jeans - As the flight will be usually cool, so a long pants or jeans will keep your legs warm
  • Bring along a Jacket or Sweater - Well, in the case you feel cold during flight. Acts as a cushion to the seat if the flight doesn't provide you blanket
  • Contact lens or not? - My advice. No contact lenses. 14 Hrs flight in a dry environment is no joke with contact lenses. 
  • Shoes or Slippers? - So long it is comfortable and easy to remove or slip on. Because during security checks, you may be required to take off your shoes. Imagine having boots on. 
  • Jewelries? Nope.

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