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FAQ On Visiting Paris

The Top FAQ on Visiting Paris (And Yes, Mr Mime is available)

Before coming to Paris we always have hundreds of questions that we will research online. Today we put the FAQ (frequently asked questions) of all time about Paris.

On Visiting Paris

Is Paris a city worth visiting?

What is the must visit in Paris?

I have been to all these mentioned ones, any unusual experience that I should have?

Is Paris Tourist Friendly?

How do I avoid looking like a tourist in Paris?

How is the weather like in Paris?

Is it expensive to visit Paris?

On Eating in Paris

Are meal times fixed in Paris?

Is there Asian Food in Paris?

No lah, if I really crave leh how?

Is Tap water Drinkable in Paris?

On Public Transport

What is the best way to travel around Paris?

How much is the Metro Tickets?

Where to get the tickets?

Can pay by Credit Card?

How to get to Disneyland?

On Safety and Security

Is it safe in Paris?

Then how to be vigilant?

On Shopping in Paris

Where is the best place to shop?

On Pokemon Go

What about Mr Mime?

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