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Ultimate Guide Feldberg Ski Resort, Germany

The Ultimate Guide to Ski & Snowboarding in Feldberg Ski Resort, Germany

Feldberg Ski resort is located in Freiburg Region. It is the largest connected ski resort in the Black Forest is located just beneath the Feldberg between Seebuck and Grafenmatt. Skiers can get to see a wonderful view of the Black forest from the highest point of the resort at 1448m.

Maybe if you are lucky, you can see the Alps too. 

Feldberg Ski Resort Key Facts​





Ski Range

888 m - 1448 m (Difference 560 m)

Ski Lifts

5 Chair Lifts | 9 Drag Lifts

Ski Pass Price

€35 - Adults

Who Loves Feldberg Ski Resort?

The slopes here are more for Beginner and intermediate. So if you are a beginner, this is an awesome place to learn and ski too.

27 %
54 %
19 %
  • Beginner - 7km
  • Intermediate - 14km
  • Expert - 5km

For beginners like me that have difficulty on T Bar, there is a chair lift that takes you up the slope too. So do not worry on getting on the T bars.

How to get to Feldberg Ski Resort?

By Public Transport

By Car

Feldberg Passhöhe 13

There are Free public parking along the roads. May get crowded if you are not early. But it is free.


You can park at the Parkhaus near the round about. 

  • €10 for a Full Day Parking.
  • 1200 Parking Lots

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Ski Schools in Feldberg Ski Resort?

There are quite a number of Ski Schools in Feldberg Ski Resorts. And, they do teach children too. So it is definitely beginner safe.

Reviews on Snow Sport Thoma Feldberg

We tried the one for Snow Sport Thoma Feldberg and was very delighted with their service. To have a group lesson you need a minimum of 4, if there is no other learners. If not you will be charged the private rates. They also provide Ski, Snowboard, Ski Wear as well. So if you do not have Ski wear, you can rent it here.

The course fees are also very reasonable. €35 Per Pax for a Full Day Lesson. €65 For 2 Days.​

  • €35 Per Pax for a Full Day Lesson.
  • €65 For 2 Full Days Lesson.

We were assigned a very patient instructor - Julia, she speaks good English and is very encouraging and creative in her lessons.

Check out our Day 1 and Day 2 progress.

Be there at least 1 hour to try out your snowboard or Ski equipments before your lesson starts. It takes awhile to get them fitted on you especially if you are a beginner.

As there are 2 Thoma Ski School in Feldberg, please do note that, the one we went to is at Passhöhe 13 bearing a red logo.

Where to Stay in Feldberg Ski Resort?

Hotels - Ski to Door Access


In Feldberg, there are hosts that provides you with the Hochschwarzwald Card. With this card,  you can enjoy free access to the Ski Lifts​. You will need to have 2 night stays minimum to qualify for this card by your host.

Ski Lifts in Feldberg cost €35 a day. So imagine a group of 4 friends going there for 3 days. You save €105 per person and €420 in total!


Top of Black Forest Apartment

Feldberg (Schwarzwald), Baden-Württemberg, Germany

This apartment is the nearest to Feldberg Ski Resort. And it offers the Hochschwarzwald Card.

And the apartment looks comfortable certainly.

For close proximity to the ski resort, I would recommend this stay. However, you need to book at least 5 nights.

So, we are unable to book this stay for our previous trip.​

Where we stayed in Feldberg Ski Resort?


Hinterzarten, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Eventually we manage to find another stay 15mins away from the Ski Resort. Check out my post for more photos.

At the same time, when you drive back from the Feldberg Ski Resort, you will pass by the supermarket Lidl.

This is where we stock up our dinner for the 3-4 days too.

Get Discount Off Your 1st Airbnb Stay

What to Eat at Feldberg Ski Resort?

You can refer to this tripadvisor link for the top restaurants in Feldberg.

What we ate at Feldberg

At Feldberg Ski Resort, you can try this Ski Bistro Südhang

We recommend ordering their currywurst and Schnitzel. And their fries are tasty too! We ate 2 times out of the 3 days at Feldberg Ski Resort.

Best time to visit Feldberg Ski Resort?

General season: mid December - mid April

Opening times: 09:00 - 16:30 (No Night Ski)

Generally, January and February are the best period to visit Feldberg Ski Resorts. We experienced snow while we were there in early February. 

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