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6 Days Itinerary – Snowboard In Chamonix With the Cousins! +1 Day Shopping at La Vallee Village

Skiing and snowboarding in Chamonix have always been our bucket list but we were pretty new to this winter sports. So the previous year, we had our snowboard lesson at Feldberg, Germany and during summer

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Paris to Manchester in 2 Days – Where to Watch Manchester United

Catching a match at Manchester United, Old Trafford has always been our bucket list. Moreover, we are in France. So flying from Paris to Manchester is definitely cheaper than flying from Singapore. So,

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1 Day in Paris Disneyland Christmas

Yes! We are going to visit Paris Disneyland enchanted Christmas! And going to Paris Disneyland during Christmas is one of our bucket lists when we are based in France. We

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We promised Not to Wake up late again – 3 Days Paris to London by Train

This is the 2nd time we are going to London, as previously we had a 3 Days Trip to London. And this time we are going from Paris to London by Train!And you know what? We missed the Train!Yes, you heard

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Simple Itinerary Guide to 3 Days in Barcelona, Spain

We actually went for 4 days in Barcelona, however the 4th day, is just taking our flight back to Paris. Hence this is our itinerary guide to 3 days in Barcelona.We have always wanted to visit Spain as

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[Vlog] – Exciting 3 Days Itinerary in Barcelona, Spain 450,000 Catalans protesting! We were there!

Barcelona, Spain - The capital of Catalonia. The second most populous city after Madrid. During this trip, we were testing out our new Zhi Yun Smooth Q gimbal which was recently purchased. Together

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How we Cover Iceland Ring Road in 7 Days – Itinerary (Day 7) Reykjavik + Whale Watching

Reykjavik is the Capital of Iceland. And we have booked a wonderful stay in Reykjavik. It is only 5 mins walking distance to the pier for whale watching tours.And we only book the whale watching tour the

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How we Cover Iceland Ring Road in 7 Days – Itinerary (Day 5 & 6) Black Sand Beach + Golden Circle Tour

Day 5 & 6, This is where the main bulk of sight seeing begins. For the past 4 days we have not been seeing much attractions. Mainly covering the distance.Perhaps the highlights for the past 4 days

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How we Cover Iceland Ring Road in 7 Days – Itinerary (Day 3 & 4)

Yesterday, we were still thinking if we should book the Whale Watching Tour at Husavik. And was actually glad we did not. Because it was raining and weather was gloomy the entire day.We called up the agency

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[Vlog] – How we cover Iceland Ring Road in 7 Days

Doing the Ring Road in Iceland within 7 days is indeed tight. But we made it. While we are still updating the itinerary, here is the video of our 7 days Iceland Trip. ​Vlog - ChaptersIn case 10

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