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Our Trip to ZooParc de Beauval Close Encounter with the animals!


Still got breakfast hor..

Day 2 of our weekend (Read Day 1). After a late night, we succumb to wake up for the Zoo trip. The distance is around 30mins drive away.  Here we bid goodbye to our "Airbnb" Hotel and head towards the zoo.

I would say the stay is pretty decent. Really worth the 9.6 stars, and the breakfast though it can be easily bought in supermarket. But the presentation and the thoughts in preparing is nice though.

I like how their house have a huge kitchen island where probably they have breakfast standing up. Perhaps we can plan for that in our next house.​

Enroute to the Zooparc De Beauval

When we are nearing the Zoo vicinity, there appears a slow traffic towards the direction we are going. I would think the whole France is going to the Zoo. Indeed, everyone is heading to the Zoo!

We realised most cars are hatchback.

Look at the car park! According to their website, there are 8 car parks (Free Parking, Weee!) and can fit 4000 spaces! We parked at P6 which is like 15mins walk away from the entrance. Oh Gosh! And what's amazing is, there are marshallers directing cars to the carpark. Well, a thumbs up for such arrangement.​

We met Janice, Ken and family at the Entrance and head in, to crowded Zoo! ​

Facts of ZooParc de Beauval

​The ZooParc de Beauval (French pronunciation: ​[zo.opaʁk də boval]), more commonly called Beauval zoo or, more simply, Beauval, is a French zoological park located in Saint-Aignan, in the Loir-et-Cher department, in the Centre-Val de Loire region. It features more than 8,000 animals on 35 hectares, which is one of the largest animal collections in France and in Europe. 

Map of the Zoo

Animals and 10 Eateries in Zooparc!

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We started off our tour in a anti clockwise direction and planning to hit the animal shows.

Penguins Pool

Close Encounter with Penguins!

The first time we have such close encounter with the Penjuins! In the Singapore Zoo, the penguins are enclosed. Here, you can literally touch them! But we didn't as we didn't want to scare them. Just imagine if everyone touches the penguin.​

​African Savannah

This is really like what you see in Lion King, except that there are no predators. Most of them are the prey family. You have the ​Giraffe, Deers, Zebra, Rhino and many more at this plot of huge land. Looks kinda carefree and less restrictions in movement.


Cute uh!

Cute little Meerkats, always look very curious!​

​Aldabra Giant Tortoise

These tortoises are huge! Managed to video them walking.​

Bird Show

We wanted to head for the bird show, however the route up makes us hungry. And what so awesome about this Zoo is, there are many eateries. There is also one near the bird show area where we had our meal.

After our meal, and so happen is the end of the bird show, the crowd starts to form everywhere. I think the bird show can hold alot of crowd.

The shows arrangement are as such: After the Bird Shows, many will rush to the see the SEA Lion show which can only take 25% of what the bird show can hold. And there will be a crowd at the entrance of the Sea Lion Show.

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So we decide to move on to see the Pandas before coming back for the Sea Lion Show at 6pm.


I think they should put the timing together so that they can distribute the crowd better. But of course, they could be using the same manpower for each shows. Who knows?

Mei Shi Jian 
Zoo Visitor

Gorilla Island 

This could be one of the largest Gorilla Den I have seen so far. The Gorillas were quite active, walking around and perhaps, posing for pictures. The crowd in this enclosure is also overwhelming that the kids will have to seat on our shoulders to catch a better view of the animals.

15mins Horse ride

Alpha Gorilla i guess.

G 奶猩猩 !


Similar to what we have in Singapore, France also have Pandas. In fact, I find the enclosure for Zoo Parc has more free movement for the Pandas. The hype also seems to be similar to what Singapore has. There is like a whole area just for the Pandas, and the structure are built to be "China-like".

Pandas lor

2nd Breaktime

Mist Spray! The sun is burning our skin! But the air is cool.

What is nice about this Zoo is they have so many rest stops and eateries that you can literally find spaces everywhere. We rested awhile here and near 5.45pm, we headed for our Sea Lion Show.

Sea Lion Show

Wow, the crowd is just simply packed! We could not get a space at the shaded area, and managed to spot scattered empty seats. So we headed for the seats and got ourselves comfortable with Sun Block Lotion of course (i got burnt at my lips days later)​


Eyeing for the snacks!

Such close encounter!

Raccoons Begging for food.

We are so close to the Raccoons that the public can actually "secretly" feed them. And look at how cute they are.

This is how close encounter we have with the animals. No wonder in Singapore, the animals are kept far away. Just imagining everyone feeding them. The Vets will be keep real busy in such cases.

Our awesome Trip at ZooParc Beauval

Awesome weekend! Thank you Janice and Ken for the company!



This Zoo Sibei Ho lah! So close to the animals!

Dong Wu Yuan 
Zoo Visitor


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