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Truffle Oil Cheese Fries

How to make Truffle Oil Cheese Fries And 3 Reasons why they are addictive


After in France for several months, we also start to miss the Cheese Fries from Singapore. Especially KFC Cheese Fries. There are some other western stalls that have pretty good cheese fries, but the consistent standard is still from KFC. And truffle oil is quite affordable here, so why not add truffle Oil to our Home Make KFC Cheese Fries? 

French Menu: Fromage à l'huile de truffe frites

Singapore Menu: Truffle Oil Cheese French Fries

Chinese Menu: 块菌油乳酪炸薯条

KFC Cheese Fries

You can use this type of sliced cheese for your cheese sauce. Easily available in all supermarket.

And we bought an Airfryer from Singapore, so technically ours are healthier French Fries.

Airfryer also reduces oil up to 80%. So you can enjoy junk food with lesser oil.​

Definitely a must have in all household.

3 Reasons why Truffle Oil Cheese Fries are addictive

  • Anything associated with Truffle Oil is tasty isn't it? Truffle Potato Chips, Truffle Chocolate, Truffle Salt
  • The feeling of melted cheese in your mouth
  • Because Fries with just salt are simply boring. Why not add Cheese and Truffle Oil!?

Pouring the Cheeseeee onto the Fries

Spicy Pork Cubes with Kang Kong

Truffle Oil KFC Cheese Fries

See what some of our starved guest have to say:

Ah DonRice Lover

Sometimes must also eat potato. Cheese Fries is a good source of carbohydrates too!

Don SanRobert Cai Tao

France is famous for their cheese and French Fries (French mah). So confirm cheaper one

DonatelloAsian Food Fan

So far, I never seen Cheese Fries in French Menu.
Maybe can be the first to introduce..

Truffle Oil Cheese French Fries

5 Mins Prep Time
20 Mins Cook Time
1 - 2 Pax Serves


  • 200g - 250g of French Fries (for 1-2 Pax)
  • Salt (to taste)
  • 1-2 tsp of Truffle Oil (optional)
  • 3 Slices of Cheese
  • 1 tbsp of Butter | or 10-15g of Butter
  • 3 tbsp of Milk
  • Mayonnaise (Optional)
  • Thinly Sliced Spring Onions (optional)


  • Airfry or Deep Fry your French Fries till Golden Yellow
  • Sprinkle salt and drizzle the Truffle Oil
  • While preparing the Fries, melt the butter into a pot and add the milk in.
  • Tear the 3 slices of cheese into small pieces into the pot and set heat to low.
  • Constantly mix and stir the fries until the cheese sauce is well mixed.
  • Add salt (optional)
  • Pour out the cheese sauce onto the Fries and serve.
  • Add Mayonnaise and Sprinkle Spring Onions (Optional)
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