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Visiting Auxerre


And this week, we are visiting Auxerre. For a start, we probably will be travelling to nearby towns, within less 3 hours till we get familiar with driving.

Auxerre is the capital of the Yonne department and the fourth-largest city in Burgundy. Auxerre’s population today is about 39,000; the metropolitan area comprises roughly 92,000 inhabitants. Residents of Auxerre are referred to as Auxerrois.
Auxerre is a commercial and industrial centre, with industries including food production, woodworking and batteries. It is also noted for its production of Burgundy wine, including world-famous Chablis. In 1995 Auxerre was named “Town of Art and History”.Wikipedia


Firstly, we check out their cathedral. Oh yes, because in almost every town there is at least a cathedral.

Cathedral of St. Étienne

Cathedral of St. Étienne (11th–16th centuries). In Gothic style, it is renowned for its three doorways with remarkable bas-reliefs. The stained glass windows in the choir and the apsidal chapel are among the finest in France. The 11th century crypt houses the remains of the former Romanesque cathedral.

Location: Place Saint-Étienne, 89000 Auxerre, France
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Next Up,

Abbey of Saint-Germain d’Auxerre

The Abbey of Saint-Germain d’Auxerre was a Benedictine monastery in central France,[1][2] dedicated to its founder Saint Germain of Auxerre, the bishop of Auxerre, who died in 448. The abbey reached the apex of its cultural importance during the Carolingian era; the source for its early history is an account of the Miracula Sancti Germani Episcopi Autissiodorensis (“Miracles of Saint Germain, Bishop of Auxerre”) written before ca. 880. The earliest surviving architectural remains are also of the ninth century.

In 1927, beneath the 17th-century frescoed plaster walls of the crypt, were discovered ninth-century wall frescoes, the only surviving large-scale paintings of their date in France to compare to the illuminated manuscripts.

Location: 2bis Place Saint-Germain, 89000 Auxerre, France


Along the way, we encountered shopping areas, pets stores and a great view from the hills!

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