Pets Relocation Guide

[Free] Guide to a Successful Pets Relocation

Relocation is already a big headache, just imagine adding in relocating your pets? Omg, adding fuel to the fire! Your headache gets bigger! But fear not.

Relocating your pets require as much paper work as you can imagine. From Pets' Health Certification, to booking Air Tickets to transporting your Pet. Here is a Guide to a easier and smoother relocation for your pets. We tried researching online but what we have is the summary. There is so much questions we have. In fact, I will provide a guide here in the form of timeline and what to expect for.

Step 1: Book Your Air Tickets

Book your air tickets at least 1 month before departure

Of course, everything begins with the reservation of your air tickets and you start planning backwards.

To relocate your pets,  they must move within 5 days of your departure either earlier or later. You may also ask, why would people fly not together with their pets? Well, it is because of airline constraints. Example: Your company has a tie up with SQ Airlines, however, SQ Airlines is unable to fly your pets over, you can only choose AirFrance to fly your pets from Singapore to France.

So the best solution is check with your company if you can fly with AirFrance. And yes, only Airfrance can take snub nose dogs onboard. SQ do not allow.

Before confirming your own flight, check with the ticketing department whether the flight accept pets on board. As sometimes, they have limited spaces on housing pets. Let them know, the breed of your dog for confirmation and verification.

Although it is mentioned that request must be made at least 48 hours before departure ​and they can only check the slots once reservation has been created. You can create the reservation first and pay later when the pet request is confirmed.

Crate Sizes and Limitations​

For pets as hand-carry, the recommended dimensions are 46 x 28 x 24 cm (length x width x height). The maximum weight is 8kg (kennel + pet). They can be brought in a soft bag or kennel. Please note that only one pet per passenger is allowed inside the cabin.

For pets as checked baggage, the maximum dimensions are 122 x 81 x 89 cm. The maximum weight is 75kg.

Step 2: Vaccination​

Vaccination are to be done at least 21 days before departure. ​

  • Vaccinate your pets (Dogs) against rabies.
  • Your pet must have a ISO microchip implanted
  • You must also have a valid Singapore registered dog licence

Step 3: Travel Crate Training

Crate training to be done at least 2 weeks before departing.

it is best you can get your travel crate ready and your pet is conditioned to it. It is best to crate train your pet before departure, as it may cause anxiety to them if they are not used to the crate.

Mickey resting in the crate

Tips to Crate Training

  • Orientation: The first step for conditioning your dog to his travel crate is to let your dog explore the crate by placing toys or his favourite treats or blanket. For a start, let them roam freely in and out. If your dog is not going in the crate or feeling stressed, you may throw a few treats in at random time of the day so that they can gradually explore the crate. Do not force them into the crate as it will create pressure to them and they will avoid the crate sooner or later. Also, place the crate in comfortable area of your house which they like to hang around.
  • Increase Frequency and Time: So once they goes in and out more often, or even take a nap or rest, it is time to close the door slowly and observe their reaction. Make them feel comfortable and increase the time and frequency.
  • Reward Behaviour: Once they are getting used to it, reward them with treats and if you can load up your crate in your car or bring the crate out for a short walk. Again, reward them timely.

Step 4: Health Certification and Export Licence

Arrange with your Vet for the health certification. Take note, Vets usually are not sure of the procedure, but they are able to certify the health condition of your pet only. Pets travelling from Singapore to France requires only Rabies vaccines. No titer test is required.

Apply the export Permit with AVA. (Click here for the full procedure with AVA)

Step 5: Departure Day

  • Preparing them for the flight: Feed them 6-8 Hours before departure, bring them out for a walk 4-6 hours before the flight. You have to fast them to minimize their pee and poo during the 14 hours flight.
  • Preparing the Crate: On departure day, ensure that your crate is secured tightly, use cable tie if required. Pad the inner crate with Pee Pad, then a mat or cloth and then a towel or T-shirt. So that when the pets sniff it, they feel more secure. As you will be using cable tie, prepare a cutter in your check in luggage or pets crate so that when you claim your crate at Paris Airport, you have a cutter to release the pets. Also, prepare a day worth of food and seal it together on top of the crate.
Our furkids at Changi Airport
  • Loading: Load them into the crate and load into your vehicle. Check-in at passenger terminal with your pet. Let them know you have pets travelling with you. Your luggage will go through the normal way, through the check in counter and for your pets, the custom officer will need to verify the documents, weight and whether they are secured. This is where you pay your excess baggage fees, they will direct you to the counter for payment. And the custom officers will do the necessary to label your crates, and using a trolley to transport the crates with your pets. Keep all the necessary documentation for claiming your crates upon arrival.
  • On Board: When you are onboard, check politely with the cabin crew if your pets are also onboard. It's better to check with them then keep have to worry for the 14 hours if they are onboard or not.

Step 6: Arrival

Arrival at Paris Airport
  • Arrival at Paris: Upon arrival at the airport, you will proceed to the immigration counter for your own clearance and check with the custom officers where to claim your baggage. In CDG Airport, the baggage claim department is very inprominent area. It's just a signboard and an area demarked as baggage claims collection. We waited for at least 30 mins before we seen the crates being dragged out by the custom officer.
  • Pls Note: And they do not verify if that is your Pet. After which, do check the well beings of your pets. For us, we bought the crates with removable wheels. So after claiming the pets, we fixed up the wheels, push out 2 crates, with 3 Checked in Luggage! Really grateful, I had bought this crate. If you had not prepare a cutter to cut the cable ties, you may borrow it from the custom officers at the clearance area. It is advisable to bring along your own cutter.
  • Pets Clearance: Proceed on to baggage check area to declare your pets, and also at this point of time, and Voila, you are out at the airport.
  • Pets Aftercare: At this point of time, your pets are urgent, anxious, hungry or even thirsty. Let them out, and walk around the outdoor of the airport. Feed them with the treats or food that you have prepared with your crate.

Step 7: Load up and Welcome!

Load up your vehicle and welcome to France!

Please also note: Because of the size of your crate, inform your company or coordinate to request for a van or bigger vehicle.​

What's the Cost?

Having reading through the guide, the question you may have.


  • S$50 - AVA Export Licence
  • S$65 Onwards - Vet Expenses (Consultation + Vaccination etc) varies vet to vet
  • S$50 onwards - Health Certification only
  • Prices varies from depending on the size of your pets, check out our recommendations below.

Just imagine you have to do all these by yourself and getting the documentations done for other portions of your relocation. The whole process took us more than a month, but we didn’t do it on our own. We sourced for Pet Relocation Agent and in the end,  we have engaged a Pet Relocation Agent to assist us. Peter is a veteran in this line and definitely offered us a peace of mind. Contact him to get a quote (Definitely worthwhile to engage him)

In fact, he will cover all the guide that was mentioned, except for excess baggage reservation (USD $200)



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