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Voted Top 10 Travel Blog 2018


Wooooo! We are voted Top Travel Blog by Apparently, I got 1% of the votes which is the last of the top 10.

Maybe there are only 10 nominees, but nonetheless I can add a badge to my collection.

So interestingly, is a Switzerland Discount Coupon website. I have no idea why my Singlish Travel Blog was being shortlisted.

But mai hiam lah.. And hor, they have a pot of 250CHF to be distributed out. So i get 1% of it. 

2.50chf!! Mai siao siao hor!

And so I have a badge to pin on my blog.

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Don is a Kiasu Singaporean that blogs his journey while exploring Europe. A Singapore Travel Blog that provides travel guides and tips on how to travel free and easy in Europe.

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