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What to Wear for Winter Travel.

What to Wear for Winter Travel (Part 1) Headwear, Scarf, Clothes, Jacket...

After our Berlin Trip, I realized that adequate packing for Winter Travel is so important.

During our trip to Berlin, we had to buy better Gloves, Snow Cap, Additional Scarves and ​socks! Because the Weather in Berlin is colder than what we experienced in France. And of course, Singaporeans like cold weather countries, but still we need to have Brace Ourselves for the cold!

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You will probably need headwear if the weather falls below 10°C. And you definitely need it if the weather falls below 0°C. During our trip to Berlin, the weather was 0°C to 5°C, and it's our ears that is feeling the chill. Thus, if you want to get a headwear, get 1 that can cover ears.


Sunglass Beanie - Lazada

Winter Beanie - Qoo10

Well, you can go for Ear Warmers , but would you want to carry extra stuffs in your bag?​


Initially I had thought Scarves are just accessories for aesthetic purpose.​ I brought a scarf along in Berlin, but I ended up getting another Snood Scarf, double layer so that my neck feels warm. 

Scarves keep you warm and give you a cosy feeling, and on top of that you look stylish as well.​

Cashmere Feel Winter Scarf - Amazon

Cashmere Scarves - Higher Quality, soft, light weight

Scarf - Qoo10

'Fake' Wool Knit Scarves - ​Wool that makes you feel itchy sometimes, quality not that good, but it is very affordable.

Snood Scarves - This kind of Snood Scarves are stylish and definitely will not fall off your neck. Convenient and hassle free.​

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Crystal Light Snood Scarf - Amazon

Snood Scarf - Lazada


Okay, this is one of the most important wear. Essentially, you should have 3 layers of wear, inner wear, middle wear and outer wear.

Inner Wear

Which is the Thermal wear or Uniqlo Heat-tech​. 

Thermal Innerwear is the first layer of clothing to keep your body warm. They are usually made from special fabric that traps body heat. Uniqlo started with only Heat Tech, and now they have expanded to 3 types of Heat Tech wear. (Heat Tech, Heat Tech Extra Warm and Heat Tech Ultra Wear)​

​Imo, you can get the Heat Tech from Uniqlo. Lightweight and quality.

What Should We Wear

You should wear the Thermal Inner Wear when temperature falls below 10°C.​ You may feel alittle warm if you are not outdoors, but it definitely protect you from the cold.



0°C to 10°C

Normal Heat Tech

-5°C to 5°C

Heat Tech Extra Warm

Below 0°C

Heat Tech Ultra Warm

Compression Clothing Set - Lazada

Thermal Long John - Qoo10

2nd Layer Wear: Sweater, T Shirt or Long Sleeves Sweatshirt 

The 2nd layer is also an important wear for Winter Travel. Because in restaurants or indoors like museum, you will probably be taking your jacket/coat off. It will be too warm if you are wearing them. But you also would not want to feel cold indoors. Some indoors do not have warmer or heating facilities.

Anything below 10°C

I advise to wear a long sleeve sweat shirt or Tee or whatsoever.

Pullover - Lazada

Long Sleeve Shirt - Qoo10

Outer Layer: Jacket, Coat

Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, Castles or even Northern Lights. These attractions are usually outdoors. And you probably will be 2-3 hours outdoors in the cold. A quality coat will make a difference in withstanding the cold.

0°C to 10°C

Normal Wind Proof Jackets will do the job. 

Black Jacket - Lazada

Spring Jacket - Qoo10

Below 0°C

Down Jacket, Parka Jackets, if you are going for more extreme weather, like less than -10°C.

Down Jacket - Lazada

Winter Coat - Qoo10

But of course, all these are subjective. You may be able to Tahan the cold not don't even need jacket. Some people wore 3-4 layers and are still feeling cold at 10°C.

Check out our next blog post for more ways to keep yourselves warm during your winter travel.

Don't Say Bo Jio

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Winter Travel Packing List

Download your Winter Packing List

Get a printable guide for your Winter Travel

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