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Best Mobile Plan / Sim Card in France – September Update


We have been in France for more than a year. I have changed at least 3 times of my sim card with different service provider in France. And I am using the Red By Sfr €15 Sim Card now.

So what is the best Sim Card to use in France?

First most, in order to have a Post Paid Mobile Plan in France, you will need to have a French Bank account set up as the payments will be deducted directly from your bank.

4 Main Telecommunication Provider

In France, there are 4 main service provider.

And competition are usually fierce among these providers. Somehow, Orange did not provide the best rates as compared to the rest.


From June 15 onwards, data roam charges will be removed. You will be able to use your mobile plans as per how you use it at home. Please read your provider’s package specification for more information.

Cheapest Sim Card:

This is a plan for one that just want a mobile line.

2 Per Month
50 MB Data
2 Hours Call Duration

Suitable for Users

  • You just want to hold a mobile line


Most Valued Data Sim Card: provides the most valued data plan in France.

  • 100GB in France
  • 25GB from Europe (Excluding Switzerland)
19.99 Per Month
100 GB Data
Unlimited Call Duration

Suitable for Users

  • heavy data usage
  • Works out to be €0.20 per GB


Best Travel Data Sim Card

Red By SFR

Red By Sfr provides the best Travel data Sim Card plan in France and Europe including Switzerland.

  • 15GB in France
  • 15GB from Europe (Including Switzerland)
15 Per Month
15 GB Data
Unlimited Call Duration

Suitable for Users

  • data usage less than 15GB per month
  • travels around Europe and also travel to Switzerland


Cheapest Travel Data Sim Card

Red By SFR

Red By Sfr provides the cheapest data Sim Card plan in France and Europe excluding Switzerland.

  • 30GB in France
  • 3GB from Europe (excluding Switzerland)
10 Per Month
30 GB Data
Unlimited Call Duration

Suitable for Users

  • data usage less than 30GB per month in France
  • travels around Europe and use less than 3GB per Month
  • This offer is valid till 02 October 2017.


See what some of our visitors have to say:

Ah DonLobang King

I have always been looking at the prices for the mobile plans. They are also competitive and have interesting promotion.

Don SanRobert Cai Tao

You just missed out the €1.49 Data Sim Card promotion!


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