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2 Days - Milan + Chillon Castle

2 Days Itinerary in Milan + Chillon Castle | 5 Days Road Trip – France to Italy Series


Actually, we do not know what is the top attractions in Milan. We only know it is a top city in Italy. That is why we only stay for 2 nights here, but spending only a day touring Milan.

This is usually how I plan my road trips. I go for the furthest destination at one go. And slowly crawl back the places that I will want to go.

So that my driving duration divided on my way back. And usually on our way back, I will be driving in the dark. 

This is period is the best to travel too. You have sunset at 9pm to 10pm. Best time for a road trip yay?!

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This is one part of our 5 Days Italy Road Trip Series.

5 Days Italy Road Trip: Day 4

€45 for a night

Free Public Parking

Shared Bathroom

Stay: Airbnb in Milan

Finding an accomodation in Milan is also not easy. Our requirements for this trip are

  • Within 10 mins walk to the Metro (Red Line)
  • Located at the North West of Milan - So that we will not be travel big rounds in the city
  • Free Parking - This is the key requirement though. Because we heard find a parking space in Milan is a challenge.

So we ended with this stay and because the owner is prompt in her response.

Free Parking!

Eat: Mi Casa

So we wanted something good for breakfast. Was researching for a good breakfast around us and found this place.

We ordered like sandwiches and croissant with coffee and tea.

Everything for less than €12. 

But hor, S$18 in Singapore can eat a lot of things for 2 person breakfast leh. #appreciateSG

Chi Zao Chan 
Milan Tourist

Graffiti Every Wall

Transport: Metro

And we took the Metro (€4.50 for a Day Pass) to Duomo. 

Once we are out of the Metro and up the stairs to the ground level, we were greeted by tons of scammers.

Milan top scammers to take note:

  • The friendship band scammer
  • The Give you corn to feed the birds scammer

They are even more aggressive than those we seen in Paris, Sacred Coeur.

See: Milan Duomo

​The top attractions in Milan. It is the World's 5th Largest Cathedral. 

During the Evening

It is very grand and a lot of tourist. We wanted to queue to go into the Cathedral, but the queue is terribly long. And it is sunny. So we decided to come back later when the queue is shorter.​

Ticket price is €12 for the Duomo, museums and rooftops.

See: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Just beside Duomo, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is one of the oldest shopping centre in the World. This is a beautiful building with many high end retails.

You can do some window shopping and see crowds of tourists taking many pictures.

Shop: In Milan

There are many many shopping retails in Milan Centre. This whole area has the most clusters of retails for your shopping needs. If you are tired of walking, you can find a cafe to rest your feet and carry shopping.

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See: West Sun @ Duomo

At 6.30pm, we went back to Duomo to see if the queues are shorter. 

Ya, there is no more queue because it is closed. ​And now the sun is shining on the front of Duomo, it looks good for photographs actually.

Eat: Pizzium

As we search for the best Italian food out of Milan City centre, yet close enough to our stay. Pizzium pops up.

With only 30mins away from Duomo, why not. We can rest our feet at the public transports while going to Pizzium.

Pizzium opens at 7pm for dinner and we were there at 7.30pm. They are 75% filled when we were there.

They only sell pizzas as the main course and nothing else.​ And there is so much selection to choose from.

We ordered -

  • Margherita - At least a safe bet for the pizza in case another goes wrong
  • Piemonte - It is some pizza with black pork as mentioned on the menu
  • Coke
  • Beer

Guess How Much Was The Bill?

Eat: Corey's Soul Chicken

We also search for nearby any interesting food to eat and saw Corey's Soul Chicken. We decided to get chicken wings for supper too!

Yummy! Better than KFC!​

5 Days Italy Road Trip: Day 5

Oh my, so fast. 5th day of our trip.

We had initially just planned for Chillon castle and head straight home (France). But since Vicolungo outlet is along the route, why not drop by for a 2 hours shopping?​

Shop: Vicolungo Style Outlet

A shopping outlet just 60mins away from Milan. And yet on the way to Chillon castle in Switzerland. Why not go there have a breakfast, why making the lady happy?

Drive: Grand Saint Bernard Pass

We had a detour and travelled half of the Grand Saint Bernard Pass to find that the other half of the journey was closed and opened in June. 

So no choice, we have to make a U Turn and join in the jam. Of course, we took a break there and took some nice photos.​

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Drive: Grand Saint Bernard Toll Tunnel

So Grand Saint Bernard Tunnel is actually a replacement or alternative for Grand Saint Bernard Pass which is opened and manned 24/7.

The catch is you have to pay toll to use this tunnel.

We were stuck for 10km away from the toll and lasted close to 2 hours at a snail pace. We can even find a place to pee and hop back to the car.​

10km of Jam

Supposedly a 10mins drive became 2 hours.​

See: Chillon Castle

We are finally out of the heavy traffic and on our way to Chillon castle. Hear say it is the most visited castle in Switzerland. Located at Lake Geneva, I would say this castle has the best view.

Initally we planned to reach at 3pm but in the end, we reached at 7pm and the castle is closed! Nevertheless, we still enjoyed taking pictures of the exterior and the scenery of Lake Geneva is simply great.


Oh well, after delays and delays. We reached home at 1am. It was a tiring drive, but certainly enjoyed our trip very much.

Let's see where will our next road trip be. Any suggestions?​

This is one part of our 5 Days Italy Road Trip Series.

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