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Tang Frères

Tang Frères – Largest Asian Groceries Store in Paris (You will go crazy over the last item!)


We made a trip to Tang Freres, said to be Biggest Asian Supermarket in Paris. We were lucky to have colleagues to bring us there. Well, in normal supermarkets like Lidl or Carrefour, you will not be able to find alot of asian stuffs like, Oyster Sauce, Sesame Sauce or Chilli Sauce. We have been to Troyes Asian Store, but this Tang Frères is several times bigger! Almost everything that you need as an Asian can be found here!

Tang Frères (“Tang Brothers”) is an Asian supermarket chain based in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, one of thequartier chinois (Chinatown) of the capital city of France.

Tang Frères is known as the biggest Asian supermarket chain west of China. The company has in fact diversified to other activities, including import of Asian DVDs and TV broadcasting. Tang Frères has several retail outlets throughout Paris and its immediate suburbs, as well as an outlet in Vientiane, the capital of Laos – the country of origin of the company’s founding brothers.

Next to the Ivry’s Tang Frères supermarket lies Paristore, another major Asian supermarket from France.


Tang Frères

Tang Frères – The Entrance. It is almost equivalent to a Hypermarket


Tang Frères

Wide Varieties of Maggie – Just take a look at the Varieties ! Mostly Thai or Viet Maggie . And you can even find IndoMee here.


Tang Frères

The frozen section

Tang Frères

The frozen section

Frozen Section – Whatever you can think of, they should have it. From Fried Dumpling, Siew mai, Har Gao to Frozen Pandan Extract.

Tang Frères

The Queue on a Sunday morning – Indeed, a very busy Sunday!


Tang Frères

This is Durian! OMG!!

And Yes! Durian! You crave it, they have it! I’m very surprised to see this here. So in the case of Durian craving. Just hop on to Tang’s!

Tang Frères

My loot for the day!

This is my loot for the day! Luncheon, Thai Basil leave, the You tiao (Sucks By the way).


Location: 48 Avenue d’Ivry, 75013 Paris, France

Monday To Friday 9AM–8PM
Saturday 8AM–8PM
Sunday 8AM–1PM

Note: There is an underground carpark. Parking is free when you purchase something from the store. Ask the cashier for the complimentary.


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