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Bye 2017! A Singapore Travel Blogger’s Recap on Europe Travels

I think I can call myself a Singapore & Europe Travel Blogger already lah. We have been updating this Travel Blog since 2016. This recap serves as an annual review of what we have done in 2017.

We did not do one in 2016, probably because we did not travel much then. But we still did Cologne, Berlin and London in 2016 though.

I would say the year 2017 lagi more exciting. We have many friends visiting us in 2017, be it in Paris or at our Sens village.

January - Visits

We didn't plan for any travels this month as we were preparing for our 10 days Germany  Trip.  But we have 2 groups of friends coming to visit us.

Friend Visit

My secondary school mate and his wife were spending their honeymoon in Europe, and they were so steady to drop by our boring Sens town for a night. 

On that evening, we had visits from our France kakis as well as brother-in-law. That evening we had the most number of guests in our apartment ever. Total of 5 guests!

(By the way, Sens is 120km away from Paris - Takes 90 mins to 120 mins to drive)

Army Mate Visit

And during CNY 2017, we invited my army mate who was pursuing his internship in Belgium, over to our house for a reunion dinner.

Feels good to have some CNY atmosphere.

February - 10 Day Germany Trip

Exciting travel with our friends to Munich, visited Neuschwanstein Castle and had our first snowboarding session at Feldberg Ski.

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March - Feldberg, Germany Snowboard Trip

 Because the snowboard session was so awesome. We booked another trip there again. This time we brought along our dogs. The winding road made Mickey (our elder dog) vomit along the way. It was so agonizing that I had to drive slowly through the mountain pass.

April - The Hague + Rotterdam + Kinderdijk in Holland

April is a know season for the tulips in Holland. So we fast hand fast leg plan this trip. And along the way, we picked up my army mate in Belgium.  

Rotterdam is amazing, and the Airbnb we stayed is super high tech. They have a automated parking basement where you can just drive into the platform, and afterwhich the platform will bring the car to the underground carpark.


Amsterdam, Holland

After the April trip to Rotterdam, we were so amazed by Holland's history and development. We planned another trip to Amsterdam and also to look at their windmill Zaanse Schans too.  

This trip, we picked a friend in Paris, the same army mate in Belgium and met up with another family member in Amsterdam.

Italy - Milan + Venice +Verona

During the last week of May, we planned for a super long road trip to Italy. Initially was preparing a road trip to Milan. Then realised Milan is only 3 hours from Venice. So why not do a Venice as well. In between, we also did a day tour to Verona.

July - Provence, France

Chilling out at Marseille

Chilling out at Marseille

Sunset at Marseille

Sunset at Marseille

July is a bloom season for Lavenders in Provence France. So we have done a road trip to witness the Lavender. The. The scenery wasn't as impressive as the Keukenhof in Holland but is a marvellous countryside drive. We added on a drive to Marseille. Just imagine the distance. Sens to Marseille. 

Superb road trip.

August - Switzerland Italy and Chamonix France

At Chamonix

At Chamonix

At Mer de Glace Ice Cave

At Mer de Glace Ice Cave









The most brilliant 7 Days road trip in Iceland. Spent the 7 days driving the ring road in Iceland. Get to see the beautiful Waterfall and the legendary Aurora. So blessed! 

October - Barcelona

At Park Guell

At Park Guell

Barcelona FC

Barcelona FC

A last minute plan 4 Days trip to Barcelona. Took a short flight there and was amazed by their beautiful city and people.

The food La Paradeta was delicious. Like eating Singapore Tze Char. I rate La Sagrada Familia the #1 Cathedral we have seen so far. You have seen these the other cathedral no need see liao.

November - Singapore Food Trail

Braised Duck rice at Tekka Market

Braised Duck rice at Tekka Market

Braised Duck rice at Tekka Market

Mookata at Golden Mile 

Salted Egg Crab

Salted Egg Crab

Favoutei Fishball Noodle

Favourite Fishball Noodle



Favoutei Fishball Noodle


Our yearly trip back to Singapore and meet up with all my friends and families. And of course, having my Singapore food trail as well. 

I tell you, Singapore food is something that Singaporeans will always miss whenever they are travelling especially to Europe. Imagine you eat Fish and Chips and Pizza for your entire holiday. The tastebuds will be deprived of chilli and delicious food like Laksa or Nasi Lemak. 


First Train Ride to London

London Pancras

London Pancras

Lunch at Giraffe

Lunch at Giraffe

Cousin Meet up at London

Cousin Meet up at London

Our most magical month of the year. First time take a train to London, first-time miss train. Painful experience. We could have inserted this London trip with our Manchester trip, but due to limited days off from work, we have no choice.

And also, catching Phantom of Opera in London is one of our bucket list. BUT! If you have plans to do that, maybe you want to think twice.

Paris Disneyland Christmas

Visited Paris Disneyland Christmas during Christmas eve. We wanted to visit Disneyland for the longest, but heard that during Christmas the decorations are very unique. So, during Christmas eve, we made a trip to Paris Disneyland.

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Was pretty crowded during this period.

New Year Eve at Manchester

We ended our year with a trip to Manchester. Since we are near to UK, why not book a trip from Paris to Manchester and catch a football match with our favourite team! We only managed to get the December's ticket and just nice we can spend our New Year's eve at Manchester.

The Best

The best trip has to be Iceland. We have our France Kakis with us for the journey. Drove in Iceland for 7 days. Caught the Aurora in September on 3 separate nights.

The Worst 

Missing the train of course. The most expensive 3 days trip ever. Just to catch the Phantom of the Opera. Not worth it.

The Surprise 

Awarded top 25 Europe Travel Blogs. Maybe there ain't many blogs covering Europe to this extent? Because there are so many other awesome Travel Blogs. 

Maybe the first Singapore travel blogger to get this badge.

The Statistics


Longest Distance Drive - Sens to Venice

2 hours

Longest Jam on a 2km road.

100 Chf

Most Expensive fine for driving in No car Zone in Switzerland, Basel

All in 2017 


There will be a ski/snowboard trip with the cousins in February. Thanking them for making a trip down to France to accompany us. Lovely people!

And we will be relocating back to Singapore so maybe we will cover more of Asia. Who knows I will achieve the Top ## Singapore Travel Blog? Hahah..

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